Papa Shee Says All Secular Music Artists Are Going To Hell

Ofori Amponsah
Ofori Amponsah

There is this thing about religion, most of them anyway- an allure that attracts so many people and makes it remain a powerful world force that is not going away anytime soon.

It gives you the illusion of being saved, yes- comforting you that someone is watching out for you, and that no matter how many times you sin, it would be okay as long as you get on your knees and ask for forgiveness.

But the even stronger pull is the other one, the stick to the carrot, the sadistic side of the whole religious enterprise that makes it so unappealing to non-believers. It is the need to see the other suffer, that need of humans not to be too happy in their own success unless they know someone else is not too happy in theirs. It is not enough that you get eternal life; it would not be complete without knowing there are others enjoying eternal damnation.

Afterall, who doesn’t like a good bit of schadenfreude?

Former highlife artiste turned evangelist, Papa Shee, has some interesting thoughts on the entire Ofori Amponsah ‘Alewa’ saga. Shee spoke to a radio host in Ghana, and he was interested in noting that secular music and God are mutually exclusive.

“You cannot serve two masters. I cannot sing highlife and call myself a Son of God, call whoever tells you that a liar.” he said

Ofori Amponsah recently said that singing about love, something God created, is not necessarily a bad thing. Even this nice compromise invented by Pastor Alewa, he is not willing to contemplate.

“You can never defend your sins. You cannot sing highlife and tell me you are singing for God because He gave you the talent. It is God who gives talent but the devil searches for people with such talents and make them misuse these talents God has given them. The devil makes them use their talent to glorify worldly things. If you give yourself to the world, you have forsaken God.

“If Christ comes today….tell my brother (Ofori Amponsah) that he should have a change of mind. You cannot sing highlife or worldly song and be in heaven, it is impossible

“Which spirit inspires secular artistes for their songs? Worldly things inspire these musicians who are always happy writing worldly songs. I used to defend these things but I had a change of mind when I met God”.

So this guy is wholeheartedly condeming every secular artist in this country to hell. If you are not singing gospel, tough luck.


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