Helen Paul Reveals How She ‘Deserted’ Her Law Ambition For Entertainment

Helen Paul
Helen Paul

Popular Nigerian comedian, singer and actress Helen Paul has revealed how she let go her law ambition and later landed a position as an entertainer.

The “Welcome Party” singer disclosed in an interview with Daily Times that she never had any plans of venturing into entertainment at the initial stages—and it somehow came as a surprise.

The mother-of-two revealed she got interested in acting along the way, but she didn’t thought of becoming a full time actress.

“Growing up, I never saw myself as a comedian. Although I fell in love with entertainment quite early in life, I had plans of practising a more serious vocation, particularly Law. I told myself that the worst scenario was that I might act in a few movies. I didn’t even think that I could be a full blown actress. Back then, I used to entertain some of my peers within the neighborhood. We used to play together just like most kids do and also, each one of us would try to do stuff to make other people laugh. It could range from telling jokes or an interesting story, to singing or acting. It was just fun. I usually came out tops with my antics.”

“Fast forward to many years later and those antics started becoming professional when I performed on stage as a comedian at an event in the University of Lagos, where I was a student. It was an impromptu performance as I was literally pushed on stage by some of my friends that I had cracked up with jokes in our hostels and classrooms. From there, I got more invitations and thanks to God, things have been looking up since then,” she said.

Helen bagged a Bachelors Degree in Theater Arts in 2010 and a Masters Degree in 2012, from the prestigious University of Lagos. She also has professional qualifications from reputable institutions, including a “Certificate in Media Enterprise” from the School of Media and Communications, Pan-African University, and a “Basic Presentation Certificate” from the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN). She is currently studying for her PhD degree in Theater Arts, also at the University of Lagos.

She released her debut album “Welcome Party” in July 2012.


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