MUST LISTEN to AUDIO: 3 Ghanaian Lesbians in USA FIGHT Each Other & the Sort of Stuff they Say is SHOCKING

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Two Lesbians kissing
Two Lesbians kissing

With all the many productive ways we can use Whatsapp—some Ghanaians constantly decide to disgrace themselves aided by this platform.

And the latest set of audios to reach GhanaCelebrities.Com is from a certain cheap lesbian who decided to wash her dirty clothes of her partners in broad day light—saying all manner of disgusting stuff.

It’s shocking that a woman of 37 years could record these messages—more also, considering the lesbian stigma in our communities, this woman  must really be bold or shameless to go on these rants.

She says a lot and most of them will get you to open your mouth in total shock and disgust.

Just click on play below and listen.



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  1. Smh…She’s proud saying she’s lesbian…something that’s abomination in where she come from. Thunder fire her month! And the other rest too! I pity the men that marry them…surely they’ve been though a lot marrying such women