VIDEO: Two Ghanaians Fight On A Plane | ‘Your Mouth STINKS’ It Starts…

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People are saying this video disgraces Ghanaians in general—but to us, it does not go beyond these two adults who decided to turn a flight into a ‘boxing ring.’

And shocking, it was between a man and woman—mostly, you would expect two women or men fighting each other under such an odd circumstance.

Perhaps, the man should have been a real man and not engage in any exchange of words with a woman, especially on a flight with a bunch of people from different countries.

But then trust our people; everywhere they go, they want to leave a mark behind.

At least they are lucky the airline did not throw them out while they were in air—-that would have been pretty interesting.

Check out the video below.



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    1. You do realise not everyone who speaks twi is an Ashant; not all Akans are Ashantis? Have some perspective! Do you know the number of Ghanaians(including non-akans) that speak twi? Even some non-akans are better twi speakers.
      Common sense is common, but…