Comedian/Musician-A Plus Writes: When Darkness Falls…


At last year’s Ghana Movie Awards old actors and actresses were invited on stage. Looking at them I said to myself; “It will be very stupid of me to ever think that I’ll not be their age one day.”

There is no one who will ever be as popular as Supper OD and Maame Dokono. Never again. In their days Ghana had just one TV station and you had no option than to know them.

Today most people will ask who they are. There were some of them who were in need of medical aid and shelter after all the fame and money and others like Maame Dokono and Super OD who at least have shelter.

I’m very conscious of the fact that a day is coming to all of us when we may not have interest in even Facebook or something new because the keepers of the house (eyes) tremble. There will be a time when the strong men (your legs) will be weak. When you don’t enjoy your favorite food because the grinders (your teeth) cease or are few and those looking through the windows (your eyes) grow dim.

My friend there will be a time when the silver cord (Your spine) will be broken and make you look like a grasshopper that drags itself along and the golden bowl (your head that carries your brain) will be “broken” so much that desire is no more and you remember non.


The question I ask you my friends is this; before you finally go to your eternal home, that day when mourners will go about the streets, who will you be? A beggar? Will you be dependent on others for medical aid and shelter? Or will you spend the rest of your last days happily with your children and grandchildren?

What will be on your poster?

Just OBITUARY!!!? OR CALLED TO GLORY!!!? Enjoy it when they say, “you think you are smart” BE SMART!!!

Think ahead.

This is food for thought…. keep eating till you are guilty of greed.


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