We Wish You A Dumsor Christmas: Ghana Gas Shut Down To Plunge Ghana Into Darkness This Christmas Period

Merry Dumsor
Merry Dumsor

Luckily for Dr Kwabena Donkor, he never promised to end dumsor, as he said- so he would keep his job into the next year.

Everyone would know he’s a hypocritical, shameless bastard- but he would still have a job.

The Power Minister in February this year promised to end dumsor by the end of the year, or resign his post. When it seemed like that was not going to happen, he explained to us how he promised to end load shedding and not dumsor– and therefore there was no need for him to resign.

Then last week, he made the outrageous claim that dumsor should be all but over by Christmas. Unsurprisingly, he has turned out to be a liar again. Ghana is set to experience a worsening of the power situation by Christmas, if scheduled events take their course.

According to Citifmonline, the state owned Ghana Gas company is set to close down operations on December 25, to cater for two problems with their operations. The information was presented to the Parliamentary Committee on Mines and Energy on Friday.

According to Citi, the company has two problems to solve- the expiration of an insurance policy on Christmas day, and the replacement of a compressor.

Both should cost the company in the region of $10m to fix, but the company is owed over $180m by the state run Volta River Authority (VRA), which means they are in no position to pay for resolving those two problems they have.

Which leaves us in quite the conundrum. Ghana Gas supplies over 40% of the country’s gas needs, including gas used to power some of our electricity generating facilities. The newly acquired AMERI turbines would be virtually useless due to Ghana Gas’ shutdown.

So the Christmas should not be as fun as we are all hoping it would be- which was very little to begin with, due to the whack economy.

Yeah, these are the kind of debts we don’t service, due to the money we use to brand buses and commission schools. This is just the worst way to run a country I ever heard of.


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