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READERS’ Mail: Yvonne Nelson is A Jealous B-tch Who is Just Complaining About ‘Beasts of No Nation’ Because of Ama K. Abebrese

Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson

Dear Chris,

I hope you are well.

I have read several online reports and your article on the ‘Beasts of No Nation’-Ghana Movie Awards’ brouhaha. And I have decided to add my voice, pointing out what is really going on which most people may be missing.

First of all, what is wrong with Yvonne Nelson? This girl thinks every Ghanaian is cheap and does not yearn for quality movies so we should continue to celebrate the many substandard movies being produced by her and her colleagues?

Can someone ask Yvonne Nelson this for me; if she was a cast in ‘Beasts of No Nation’ instead of Ama K. Abebrese, would she have had the same objection to the movie’s nomination in the 2015 Ghana Movie Awards?

There’s a reason why none of the serious movie makers such as Leila Djansi and Shirley Frimpong Manso do not use her but rather go in for Ama K. Abebrese. There is a reason why big international production houses do not call her phone and run after Ama K. Abebrese and the others.

Yvonne Nelson cannot act: she just enjoys social media hype and also the fact that she was one of the early people to have started in the industry has given her a name she does not deserve to hold on.

I am more than 100% sure that if Yvonne Nelson was in ‘Beasts of No Nation’, she would not have said anything against the movie’s nomination. She would have been everywhere telling people how high she is rising with her career.


Yet, because her colleagues are in there and despite the movie having been shot in Ghana, she is out there making noise, being supported by some of her sycophant fans and friends.

Why is Yvonne Nelson not saying anything about the nominations of Freetown and the Cursed One? These movies have foreigners on the production team except that they were shot in Ghana with some Ghanaian actors.

These movies share the same production properties with ‘Beasts of No Nation’ apart from budget and yet, she has decided to single out ‘Beasts of No Nation’ because of Ama K. Abebrese. More also, because the movie exposes the weakness in her bad produced movie.

Yvonne Nelson, I will laugh my big butt off if I see you at the 2015 Ghana Movie Awards. Also, why don’t you return to the oragnisers all the awards you’ve won in the past?

Stop being a jealous b*tch and learn to celebrate your colleagues. You are the only person God created so others deserve to shine too.

Learn to be happy for others.

From: Comfort Adjei/Ghana


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2 thoughts on “READERS’ Mail: Yvonne Nelson is A Jealous B-tch Who is Just Complaining About ‘Beasts of No Nation’ Because of Ama K. Abebrese”

  1. You are 100% correct. Yvonne is a hypocrite!!!!!!
    1. Is Yvonne telling us she would have kicked against the submission of this film if she had played an active role in it like Ama K?
    2. Is Yvonne telling us she would sympathize with local producers and not submit her movie to GMA if that same movie had a budget of $6mil and was produced by her?
    3. Will Yvonne have declined to submit the film to GMA if she had any connection to the film or the team that produced the film?
    4. The producers are Ghanaian, the movie was shot in Ghana. The first 20 minutes of the film is in our local language twi – What again do you want Yvonne?
    If you are upset because your cheap low budget productions are sub-standard, then up your game next year. Nobody is expecting you to find $6million but surely you can try harder to get better sponsorship and financing to improve your productions because quite frankly they suck!
    Quit sulking like a little b!tch and grow the heck up. If you like don’t even go to the GMA event, nobody cares. Infact organize another vigil to demonstrate against beast of no nation. But learn to be happy for your fellow colleagues like Ama K who are also working even harder than you. Your attitude stinks that’s why producers like Leila, Shirley and even the ones from Beast of no nation will never contact you with roles because they know your imbecilic temper tantrums….SMH…shame on you YN.


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