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Disappointed NDC Man in Germany Writes to ‘Incompetent’ President John Mahama | READ HIS LETTER HERE

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President John Dramani Mahama

Dear Mr President,

My name is …Evans from Ghana and currently reside in Germany. I’m a disappointed NDC member.

For the past few years since our late ex President prof Atta left us, may his soul rest in peace (what an honorable man he was), I have had sleepless night over the way your Government is handling issues of our dear country.

First of all, I commend you for your effort to build this nation through development. I have seen a couple of constructions of schools, roads, hospital and your efforts to put an end to the unprecedented energy crisis.

I highly commend you once again for your efforts in these fields.

Mr president, I have so much worry and my blood pressure keeps shooting up over the unprecedented corruption under your presidency. I think about it every day, but I haven’t been able to understand what’s really happening to our blessed country.

Sir, since you took over the most powerful office of our land, there has been hundreds of corruption under your presidency which is gradually collapsing our country.(Are you sleeping? wake up!!!!!)

Not to mention all but the few that actually shot my blood pressure up, Gyeeda,Wayome ,Brazil money (World Cup), Sada ,Judgement debt (heard of a lot I can’t recount), Kumasi airport renovation, Ghana police recruitment scam, Ameri cash flow deal, Mahama bus branding and a whole lot.

All these within four years? God have mercy.

Sir, kindly accept my sincere apology if I happen to use any disrespectful words along, my blood pressure is shooting high again because I really can’t understand your presidency anymore.

Sir, once again why all these corruptions under your presidency? Yet none of those involved have been jailed or sacked. I was actually reading an article a few month ago and a local farmer was jailed 6yrs or more for stealing a cheap smelly goat!


Yet no one cares about it and he will rot in jail I guess. Who cares anyway? He’s a common thief.

A month ago, you wrote on your Facebook page about part of stolen monies being retrieved from Gyeeda and you were so proud about. But I guess you refused to jail them right but you will rather watch the weed smoker rot in jail.

Mr. President, are you actually being a selfish coward or you just a confused president? (Oh sorry ohh blood pressure). How on earth can you close your eyes over all the thievery happening under your presidency and yet call your self an honourable man?

The poor man gets sick, goes to the hospital and die of stomach pain because our NHIS only covers paracetamo l(cheapest tablet ever). My hard working brothers and sisters sleep in the dark everyday and can’t even iron their shirt before going to work because there’s no power.

Many people are dying because of bad drinking water. A high percentage of Ghanaians live in very poor conditions yet your Government manages to steal their sweat from them. God is watching.

Sir, seriously I think you are a a coward and can’t jail this evil doers because you are afraid of losing power in the next coming election. So you would rather watch them steal? Yes after you can go and beg them to bring part of it and go free without jail term like you proudly wrote on your Facebook page (Yes your moral duty I guess)

I remember the promises you made to Ghanaians during your campaign. Your messages against corruption which actually made me fell in love with you(oh no homo).

JOHN MAHAMA stop being heartless towards the ordinary Ghanaians. Stop your people from stealing the tax payers money. Jail the corrupt ones.

For just one time in your life do this for us. If you are truly the Father of our nation, then think about the people who waited in lane for hours to cast their votes for you. These people love you, they entrusted their future into your hands. Stop betraying them! Stop making those thieves rich over selfish reasons.

I rest my case. God bless Ghana, God bless Mr President and God punish the corrupt ones.

From: Evans K. /Germany


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This post was published on December 21, 2015 8:59 AM

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