Madonna And Guy Ritchie Locked In Messy International Custody Battle Over Their 15 Year Old Son

Madonna and son- Rocco Ritchie
Madonna and son- Rocco Ritchie

Christmas is just around the corner but for Madonna, a court battle looms as most of the world lock themselves onto the festivities.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie have a 15 year old son together, and for some reason, a hot custody battle is brewing.

The boy, Rocco, left Madonna to London to visit his dad Guy Ritchie. He refused to come back to the US for Christmas with mom; apparently tired of always being on the road with Madonna as she toured. Furious, Madonna went to court to force Ritchie to relinquish custody of the boy, according to TMZ.

The judge agreed, ordering Rocco to return to Manhattan to spend Christmas with mom.

However, Ritchie also went to court in London, and the judge acquiesced to his demand for his son to stay over. So that sets up two courts in the US and UK with separate rulings concerning the same case, and as they are mutually exclusive only one order can be obeyed.

Sets up a serious international custody battle.


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