CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Ghana Police Should ARREST Musician-Wisa for Violating Section 278 of the Criminal Offences Act At Citi Fm’s Decemba2Rememba Concert

It’s revoltingly insane for a non-lunatic and in this case a paid musician-Wisa to mount a stage at a concert in Ghana, attended by thousands of decent people—and then intentionally pulling his manhood out for as long as he was on stage performing.

This without a doubt amounts to publicly and wilfully committing a grossly indecent act which is a criminal offence in Ghana—therefore, the Ghana Police should by now have arrested and charged Wisa who decided to publicly call Ghana a lawless country last night at Citi Fm’s December2Remember concert.

According to Section 278 of Ghana’s Criminal Offences Act; “[w]hoever publicly and wilfully commits any grossly indecent act is guilty of a misdemeanour.” And by misdemeanour, this is a non-serious crime (light crime) punishable by a shorter prison sentence of fine.

Considering the rise of overtly indecency and public violation of Ghana’s existing laws by our musicians, authorities need to make a robust statement and this is that perfect time. We’ve had the Kwaw Kese weed smoking precedent and though this Wisa’s case is a repugnant occurrence, it is somewhat a perfect time for the police to reiterate that concert stages in Ghana are not sovereign grounds.

Of course Wisa’s conduct on stage is gross, unacceptable and perhaps the most disturbing stage disorder we’ve seen in Ghana and it clearly puts concert organisers in the conversation too.

Are organizers of events in Ghana unable to regulate the conduct of those they employ? It was the full responsibility of Citi Fm to ensure that stage ‘bushwa’ did not happen and they clearly failed. This brings to mind Charter House’s own inability to camp Chris Brown’s behaviour when he performed in Ghana.

This is not the first time Citi Fm’s Decemba2Rememba concert has served patrons a deranged experience, albeit I would say, this is the first someone ought to be legally held responsible for his gross conduct (the musician) and obvious incompetence (the organisers).

A section of the crowd who attended the concert-December2Rememba
A section of the crowd who attended the concert-DecembaRememba

In 2011, Ghanaian musician-Raquel became the talk of the country when she put her coochie on full display while on stage—and arguing the implausibility that she forgot her panties at home, the cause of her own version of the rising indecent stage exposure.

‘Licentious-Raquel’s’ situation was different and prosecution would have been difficult, because she called that a mistake—proving that it was not would have been tricky. But the video footage of what Wisa did vividly shows him intentionally reaching out to his manhood: wilfully pulling it out and leaving it going for several minutes.

And the organisers did nothing; though the DJ’s facial expression in the video shows he was aware and shocked that Wisa was doing that.

Morality is a weaker regulatory tool of conduct because it’s subjective and as such this has nothing to do with morals—rather, the law. It’s clear his action is prohibited and he ought to be reasonably punished for this, else, we will open a floodgate for such gross indecent behaviour on our musical stages.

Wisa on stage

Perhaps, the patrons of the concert should sue Citi Fm for emotional distress. If this was anywhere in the west, a lot of people would have sued to make a point or make some quick bucks on the back of the organiser’s incompetence and absolute disregard for the laws of the land.

The dancer in particular will have a good legal claim against the organisers and Wisa—she can sue for sexual assault and emotional distress.

According to an earlier publication by GhanaCelebrities.Com, one of the concert’s patrons-Cynthia said what Wisa did “was shocking and totally disgusting,” another patron-Janet Amoo stated “I came out for a music concert and not some sort of p*rn show. This should not be allowed and he should have been pulled off stage the moment he did that.”

In fact, the organisers should have called the police and present to them the video footage to initiate the arrest of Wisa. But that did not happen.

We’ve had some global precedents where musicians have been convicted for indecent stage behaviour and this should not be excused. In 1969, “Jim Morrison was charged with obscenity and indecent exposure after he asked a Miami audience if they wanted to see what was in his pants,” VHS writes.

The website documents that “the Lizard King unzipped his jeans, but whether or not he actually exposed himself has been a source of rock ’n’ roll debate for decades. He was convicted in September 1970, and sentenced to six months in prison and a $500 fine. Sadly, he died the following year before he had the chance to appeal.”


On 28th Janaury, 1981, punk singer-Wendy O Williams was arrested for getting frisky with a sledgehammer on stage. “Williams, who was famous for performing topless and wearing only electrical tape or shaving cream over her nips, was later slapped with another obscenity charge in Cleveland for simulating sex.”

In 1992, Bobby Brown was arrested by police “during a Georgia concert for simulating sex in a bed onstage with audience members. He was dragged off, posted bail, and returned to the venue in time to complete the concert. Talk about a quick turn around.”

Earlier this year, Jennifer Lopez was threatened with 2 years prison sentence for just shaking he booty on stage at a concert in Morocco—I mean for just twearking.

The Prime Minister of Morocco wrote to the president of Morocco’s High Authority of Audiovisual Communication to demand they ‘take legal measures against those responsible’.

BBC reported that, the Prime Minister in his letter said “the show’s ‘sexual overtones’ were ‘indecent and provocative to the religious and moral values of Moroccan society.”

Now, let’s see whether we have laws in Ghana or not—by monitoring what becomes of Wisa’s shocking, appalling and ‘non compos mentis’ stage conduct.

Someone has earned for himself the right to spend the holidays behind bars…


What Wisa did is gross and there is a video footage of this disgusting moment on Youtube—however, we cannot show it for the obvious reason. Should you be interested in seeing the video; head to youtube and search for ‘Wisa removes p*nis on stage.’


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  1. What? This guy is a big fool. And see his small thing that he is displaying too. The police should picked him up sharp. Now I wish I was that dancer because I would be a millionaire sue his a$$ and the organisers a$$ too as Chris said


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