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Akosua Abebrese Writes: A Young Woman Was Openly Violated S*xually By Wisa Greid & No One Gives A Hoot

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As a woman, it hurts anytime certain situations crop up and the subsequent response by the populace entrench the misconception that, women are worth nothing or men can do whatever they want to women, even in the open and no one would see anything wrong with it.

Let me try and recap things for those who may be reading this without any background information.

On 24th December at Citi Fm’s annual Decemba2Rememba concert held in Accra, the rising musician-Wisa Greid during his performance pulled out his manhood. That was not all, he was seen grinding on his young female dancer, who seemed unaware of what was going on per the video footage.

So far, the conversation has majorly been about the musician having violated Section 278 of Ghana’s Criminal Offences Act—-precisely, indecent exposure. The Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com, Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri has written a brilliant piece on this and following this, Wisa was invited by the police and he is said to have been granted a police bail.

It’s refreshing that the police has decided to act, perhaps because folks like Chris-Vincent and bunch of social media talkers took the case up—pointing out its illegality and going as far as citing which part of the laws of Ghana Wisa’s hideous conduct violates.

That’s great but once again, as a woman, I feel deeply hurt that no one seems to care about the fact that: openly on stage and in front of several thousands of people, a young woman was sexually assaulted by a man.

What Wisa did is criminal, meaning, if he was up there on the stage alone and pulled his manhood out—he would still have committed the crime of indecent exposure.

Wisa on stage
Wisa on stage

Now, with a woman in the picture—and from what the footage shows, there is a new layer to his crime; sexual assault and yet, no one is talking about this.

Where are the voices of the various women? Where are the intelligent Ghanaian women and the so called feminists or women rights advocates?

Our continuous silence as women in times like this adds one thing to the already existing weakness; we are endorsing the fact that men can assault or abuse women without being charged for their crimes against women.

It is appalling enough that the whole conversation so far has been about indecent exposure—once again neglecting the suffering of women but it is worst when you evaluate comments by countless women on social media which seek to only highlight the size of Wisa’s manhood. As if that’s all we find important.

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If anything at all, sexual assault is a diabolical crime against humanity compared to indecent exposure and as such, that should have become the lead in our discussion.

But it’s a woman who was violated—so who cares?

I’ve not seen the charges the police would level against Wisa but we should not be shocked if we don’t see the suffering of the young woman, the openly abuse and absolute disrespect for her dignity captured, because we’ve already ignored that in our conversation as a society.


And the women among us have not even taken enough interest to ensure that men do not continue to flourish in such absurdity, especially towards women.

She may be a dancer but that does not give Wisa any right to treat her the way he did. It’s deeply horrendous for any man to do that to a woman, and being someone’s employer does not grant you a special right to abuse her in any manner.

As usual, every other thing matters but not the woman—and in this case, the person who was probably hurt most for the gross contempt and violation.

See some of the comments to this article on Facebook (Pathetic right?)

See some of the comments to this article on Facebook



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9 thoughts on “Akosua Abebrese Writes: A Young Woman Was Openly Violated S*xually By Wisa Greid & No One Gives A Hoot”

  1. I am said about this too my name sake. The sort of things women are saying on Fb about this makes me think they don’t even know the consequence of their talks. Women are laughing at him because of the size of his manhood instead of fighting for justice for another woman who may be so weak (financially) to fight for herself. These musicians literally are like pimps and assault the women who work with them mostly. Ghana is sad country

  2. After watching the video, this is what I can say. ITS ONLY AN INSANE MAN AND MAN WHO HAVE NO SELF RESPECT WILL SHOW HIS PRIVATE PART IN PUBLIC. Though he knew what he was doing, he was definitely HIGH ON SOMETHING.
    And the lady it’s either she was being a PROFESSIONAL that’s why she carried on like nothing was happening or she was ENJOYING it.
    Come on ladies don’t tell u can’t feel a man’s thing touching you when he’s this close to your bum, even with his trousers on, how much more when he has his thing out. Professional dancer or not I would have slapped this guy and got off stage. Next time even when he’s going to bath and sees his thing he will remember the slap.


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