Is This Even Attractive? | Let’s Talk About the New Craze of Huge Bums & Small Waists

Moesha Boduog
Moesha Boduog

Globally, there is this new craze which was more of a fantasy to most people a few years ago—but Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and several celebrities have succeeded in shifting the poles from it being a fantasy to a reality.
And I am talking about the new generation of huge bums and small waists.
As a woman, I do not desire to have such a figure: mostly I find those carrying such assets unhealthy—sort of abnormal for me. But from instagram to facebook, there’s an increase in the acceptance of this ‘abnormal’ figure as the newest thing in town.
Here in Ghana, two popular Ghanaian social media person- Peace Hyde and Moesha Boduog parade this figure as though it’s the true definition of sexiness-perhaps it is but I just don’t know yet.
A good look at any of these people flaunting such a figure throws one key question out there; is this normal?
Naturally, there are African women with something close to the figure I am talking about but this new craze goes beyond what any normal human being would proudly wish for.
It’s in the extreme, made possible by surgery and sometimes corsets or waist trainers. But we are always told; it’s natural and we ought to accept it as the truth.
Peace Hyde
Peace Hyde

People are literally squeezing their intestines to achieve a small waist while inflating the size of their bum, on the same body—ending up with hugely disproportionate figure.
I find this new craze unattractive. However, a lot of people are following those flaunting such figures on social media, sort of saying; that’s beautiful.
What is your take on this new craze? Do you find such figures attractive?
Moesha Boduog


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