Check Out Some Foreign Celebrities Who Are Allegedly Bi- Get Down Comfortably With Both Men And Women

Amber Rose and Blac Chyna make out
Amber Rose and Blac Chyna kiss

Yesterday we brought you the list of Ghanaian female celebrities who allegedly enjoy getting their groove on with members of each s*x, and whilst you still process that one we have made another compilation for you.
This involves foreign celebrities who are also allegedly comfortable with getting down with members of both s*xes. Considering out there the taboo surrounding such subjects is not exactly as restrictive as we find here, such stories about these celebrities constantly pop up on the radar.
Some do not do not care to confirm or deny, whilst others come out and proudly own it. But for those who do not, close associates always know what happens when the cameras are off and the curtains are drawn.
So flip to the next page to discover which foreign celebrities have admitted to or have been alleged to be bi-s*xual.

Nii Smiley Byte, Managing Editor
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