Preacher Claims He Saw Amakye Dede’s Accident In A Vision And That Only His Prayers Kept Him Alive

Amakye Dede1
Amakye Dede

Ah, here we go again. Supposed men of God making fodder out of other people’s misfortune to grow their legend and keep the gullible sending in the money.
The general overseer of Freedom Chapel International, Apostle Francis Amoako Attah, claims that he foresaw Amakye Dede’s accident. Speaking on “Anopa Bosuo” on Amansan television, he said the Lord brought him the vision in his mandatory New Year vision package.
According to him, the singer’s survival was a miracle, which occurred because he beseeched the Lord to avert the prophecy.
“I’m happy Amakye survived because that has been my prayer after I had the prophecy” he said.
He also added that the vision included an impending accident for Daddy Lumba, and dire consequences for the country if the 2016 elections entered a run-off.
“For this country to enjoy the peace and also have a sound election, we should avoid a run-off. Let’s pray for a one touch victory for whoever wins this election. It won’t be good if we go for a runoff.”
So, yeah- the prophets of doom are coming out in full force.


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