Owusu Bempah Goes After Bishop Agyin Asare- Says His Church Would Splinter And He’ll Die From Heartache

Bishop Charles Agyin Asare
Bishop Charles Agyin Asare

Rev Isaac Owusu Bempah, General Overseer of the Glorious Word And Power Ministry, has started this year quite in the limelight. He has been on every platform imaginable giving his predictions about what would happen this year.
A noted foe of Perez Chapel founder Bishop Charles Agyin Asare, Owusu Bempah apparently did not take lightly to a prophesy the latter made in his church.
Agyin Asare gave a prophecy in his church that God would strike down false prophets this year. Whether it being a matter of who the cup fits, or knowing intrinsically due to his conflict with him that Agyin Asare was referring to him; Owusu Bempah has decided to hit back.
According to him, junior pastors at a church in Dzorwulu would rise against their boss, who would die this year. A thinly veiled riposte to Bishop Agyin Asare, I presume. I wonder why anyone calls these guys ‘Men of God’.
Owusu Bempah spoke on Okay FM in Accra.
“Bishop Charles Agyinasare, in giving his prophesies, did not mention any name but only said some false prophets would die. If so, then some bishops who do not see visions, all they do is to eat, mount the pulpit and talk, some of them would also die this year. So if some prophets would die because they are false prophets, we all know there are false bishops and the bishops would also die this year.
“So we are all praying that the false prophets should die but the false bishops must also die. Some of those false bishops would have their junior pastors rising against them. Their junior pastors would split the church and break away. It would hurt the bishops and they would get heart problems.
“This issue of junior pastors rising against their bishops and breaking away would start from Dzorwulu in Accra and when those bishops sleep, they can’t sleep. They would die,”


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