Drug Baron El Chapo Was Arrested Because He Attempted To Get A Documentary Made About Him- Thus Tipping Off Police

el chapo
Notorious Mexican cartel boss Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman was recaptured by federal officers after his daring escape from the Altiplano prison in Central Mexico.
Guzman stayed on the run for 13 years during his last time as a fugitive, yet remained free only six months this time around, and the reason for his swift capture has surfaced.
According to TMZ, Joaquin was desperate to get a documentary made about him to be aired to the public. Attempts to contact producers is what tipped off the authorities.
“Mexico’s Attorney General says special agents got tipped off to El Chapo’s whereabouts after the cartel leader tried making a documentary about his life.” the site writes.
“The drug lord reportedly contacted producers to make a “Narcos” style biopic. Mexico’s AG says it was El Chapo’s hunger for more fame that tipped off authorities.”
El Chapo’s second cinema worthy prison break occurred last year, when he escaped from the maximum security Altiplano. He had slipped through a small hole in the shower floor, and then climbed down a 32 foot ladder into a mile long tunnel. He emerged at an abandoned construction site, having arrived there on a motor cycle built on rails that was waiting for him in the tunnel.
Luckily for him, another similarly elaborate prison break might make producers more likely to buy his idea the next time he proposes it.


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