Kempinski Hotel Brings 'Nazism' to Ghana? | Tried to Kick Wanlov Da Kubolor Off Its Premises Because of His Unique Style

Wanlov Da Kubolor
Wanlov Da Kubolor

A branch of Kempinski Hotels S.A, an international hotel chain founded as the Hotelbetriebs-Aktiengesellschaft in Berlin, Germany, in 1897 has been opened in Accra—and it seems, the hotel has some bit of  ‘style Nazism’ in its operational books.
Shockingly, a manager of the hotel tried to kick popular Ghanaian musician-Wanlov Da Kubolor out for his unique style of dressing—perhaps, this manager wouldn’t have thrown out Adolf Hitler if he came in with his weird mustache and diabolical ideas.
With a strong German connection, the hotel should be well placed to understand that any form of discrimination should not be tolerated—because, Nazism, the cause of the holocaust was well founded on the idea of race superiority (another form of discrimination).
According to Kubolor, he was invited to an event at the hotel by Little Angels, a charity he has been working with for over 3 years—for him to be honored for his outstanding contributions.
But his honor turned a disgrace when one of the managers of Kempinski (he is damn sure this manager is a German) asked that he should be thrown out of the premises by a security guard just because of his distinct style of dressing, he said on twitter.
Though the owner of the hotel has phoned Wanlov Da Kubolor to apologize, the outspoken musician says, a private apology is unacceptable, it should be made public.
This is not the first time one of these international hotels increasingly setting up in Ghana in their numbers has treated a Ghanaian this way—they continue to subject the locals to ridicule, even in their own countries.
Currently, there is a discriminatory lawsuit pending against Movenpick Hotel. The hotel turned away 5 professional Ghanaian women who had gone to the hotel to celebrate the birthday of one of their colleagues because they did not have male escorts.
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