Taxi Driver Who Thwarted Robbery Is To Be Rewarded For His Heroism

Whoever said good deeds do not pay?
The taxi driver who foiled a robbery attempt in Cantonments on Saturday, would be rewarded for his bravery and heroism, the police have revealed.
The taxi driver chased down two robbers, who had shot a young lady to rob her of money on a motorbike- and mowed them down with his taxi.
The robbers sustained varying degrees of injuries from the collision, but the taxi was also mangled. The robbers also kept shooting even whilst wounded, and it was the intervention of an army officer which led to their arrest.
With the destruction of his vehicle in pursing the public good, the police have heeded to calls for him to be rewarded. According to Director General of the Police CID DCOP Prosper Abloh, the IGP has directed for the driver and others who helped in the operation to be rewarded for their help.
“I have the directives of the Inspector-General of Police to announce that at an appropriate time, the taxi driver and all those who contributed to the arrest of the suspects will be handsomely rewarded,” he told a press conference on Sunday.
Earlier, former President Jerry Rawlings had released a statement calling for those who helped foil the robbery to be rewarded by the state.
“The boldness exhibited by the taxi driver was truly heroic and patriotic. At the risk of his own life, he confronted these armed men, damaged his taxi in the process and ensured they did not escape the law.” he wrote.
“We should all applaud his courage. The two men deserve national recognition for their bravery,”
As we reported earlier, a pair of bold, in-your-face armed robbers who attempted a daylight robbery in Accra got their just desserts when a taxi driver nearby foiled their plot with a fascinating high speed chase on the streets of Cantonments.
The two robbers had shot and wounded a Koala shop attendant who had been sent to deposit some money in the bank so they could rob her. The pair were apparently tipped off by a worker in the shop.
The brazen robbers, stationed on a motorbike, managed to shoot their victim in the leg so they could snatch her bag, but were unlucky when a taxi driver spotted what was happening and gave chase.
He managed to run them down, and then shoved them off the road into a gutter.


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