VIDEO: The Extent Some Women Go to Have Flat Banging Tummy Will SHOCK You

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flat tummy
As a woman, I used to envy certain body types when I see them—since I struggle to loose weight, especially at the tummy area.
Perhaps, it’s due to my late night eating of banku and kenkey which I can never give up.
But seeing the below video has shocked me; if this is what some of those women I envy have to do each day to be able to have that flat sexy banging tummy, then I will let it pass.
What in God’s name will make a human being subject herself to this torture and oven her own stomach area— gradually cooking her own intestines with heat just to be able to have a flat tummy.
That’s insane and far-fetched, but then, men are capable of letting women do whatever so we are doing it.
I don’t think this girl in the video is doing this to be healthy because what she is doing is far sick than anything. I believe she is just doing that for society, to stay a certain way for the men or for the conversation.
To be frank, I will eat two balls of kenkey tonight; I can’t be bothered again.
Check out the video below…

How to Get A Flat Banging Tummy | WICKEDFrom GhanaCelebrities.ComThis is insane and self torture; ah Aba
Posted by on Tuesday, 12 January 2016

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