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16 'Ghanaian Celebrities' Rumoured to Have Bleached Their Skin | Some Names Will Shock You

Christabel Ekeh
Christabel Ekeh

Globally, the tradition notion of bleaching has changed—and in Ghana, you would hardly catch anyone using the old stinking Tura soap to poorly bleach his or her skin.
That is too dangerous some say—and perhaps, too obvious.
Now, several Ghanaians including our celebrities have disguisedly bleached their skins and have decorated their practice with fancy names such as skin toning, skin lightening, skin whitening or sometimes, skin flourishing.
Of course it is difficult to find any real difference between these words, except that, they are used to subdue the shame and societal backlash against the old way of bleaching which has become unpopular over time.
In that sense, no one really bleaches; but different methods including even taking specific dangerous pills are employed to achieve the same or finer results of skin alteration.
Still, the need to stay or become light hovers around strongly. It’s so bad that a group of celebrities led by Ama K. Abebrese had to launch an anti-bleaching campaign about 2 years ago.
Over the years, several ‘Ghanaian Celebrities’ have been accused of this or that form of skin bleaching and apart from perhaps a low level socialite-Nasara of Ghana Most Beautiful fame, all these celebrities have denied ever bleaching.
In the past, we’ve had certain movie stars complaining about how film-makers have special preference for light skinned actors, sort of encouraging skin lightening.
Today, we bring you a list of Ghanaian Celebrities rumoured to have bleached; tell us what you think—those you know or agree have done it and those you doubt are bleaching practitioners.
Apparently, the mixed race celebrities do it more…
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0 thoughts on “16 'Ghanaian Celebrities' Rumoured to Have Bleached Their Skin | Some Names Will Shock You”

  1. This is so funny, I have a question tho. How much does Menaye pay you to get good press? This wannabe is the queen of bleaching yet you talk about everyone else and exclude her. Now, tell me how you can explain this pic. Guys, she’s the little girl standing over with dirty feet and today she looks obroni. Classic skin bleaching.

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