Onlookers Rush To Siphon Fuel After A Tanker Got Overturned In Kumasi Despite The Obvious Danger- Four Arrested

One would think with the memory of June 3rd fresh in our collective consciousness; people would apply more circumspection to such an incident.
A fuel tanker got overturned in Oforikrom, a suburb of Kumasi on Saturday morning, with the fuel spilling everywhere.
In such a situation, which should send any sane person fleeing the other way, much less someone aware of the incident on June 3rd last year- it rather brought out scores of onlookers, holding all sorts of contraptions to siphon off as much fuel as they can.
The tanker overturned whilst taking a turn at the Anloga junction traffic light, spilling its contents. That was the cue for the fuel grabbers, mostly consisting of commercial drivers.
Luckily, police and fire personnel arrived at the scene to take things into control. Four people were also arrested for taking part in the siphoning of fuel.
This kind of behabiour is extremely baffling. Whether it was fuelled by the Ghanaian proclivity for free stuff, or a worsening economy, or sheer stupidity- what is sure is that if a tragedy had happened, some fool who went there to steal fuel and somehow managed to survive would say it was God that saved him.
That is exactly how the Ghanaian mind works.


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