Moesha Boduong in Bikini | What A Disgrace Yet She Doesn't See It So

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Moesha Boduong
Moesha Boduong

Moesha Boduong claims to be an actress or something of that sort—but none of the folks here at GhanaCelebrities.Com has ever seen her in a movie, including the movie freaks who are in charge of our reviews.
But one thing is for sure; she is becoming an instagram celebrity—amassing several followers to which she sells her waist trainers, and shares tasteless photos with.
There’s an internal memo here at GhanaCelebrities.Com for the writers to ignore Moesha Boduong’s increasingly display of stupidity—so not to give her undeserving publicity, but I couldn’t just let this pass.
In a recent interview, Moesha Boduong said when it comes to relationships, it is all about money for her—so broke guys are never in her books.
Considering how much time she spends online posting shocking photos, she comes off as something else—and not an actress.
For any person to take the above photo of her body and post it on the internet, that person must be proud of what is on display—but for us, this is a total disgrace.
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  1. Very despicable. Pls stop worshipping your body and worship the one who gave you what you cherish so much besides you’re not the only one who has a big butt. Doesn’t she have parents or good friends to advise her? Too shameful.