Ghanaian Psychiatrist Who Worked In The UK Sacked After Telling A Patient She Was Possessed By Demons And Recommending T.B Joshua’s Church To Her

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Dr Julius Awakame
Dr Julius Awakwame

This clearly illustrates that you can ‘take a man out of the bush, but you cannot take the bush out of the man’
It’s funny that a qualified psychiatrist would refer a patient to T.B Joshua rather than trying to follow the dictates of his profession, exhibiting how deeply the African religious indoctrination goes. Juju or prayer or whatever might serve as a ‘credible’ alternative to modern medicine in backwards nations like ours, but in advanced ones if you call yourself a doctor, you better practice some medicine.
Julius Awakame, a Ghanaian psychiatrist who worked for many years in Britain, was sacked from his job, and faces further investigations- after he told a patient she was possessed, and asked her to consult T.B Joshua and get some holy water for her affliction.
The Daily Mail reports that Awakame, 50, told his patient that ‘neither psychiatry nor psychology would be able to help because there are special forces at play’ and then recommended the ‘24-hour church TV channel based in Nigeria’
He told her he has watched the channel many times, and they have helped several people like her get over their ‘demonic’ possessions. He also asked her to make sure she got some special holy water.
Awakame’s employment with North Essex Partnership Foundation Trust was terminated barely a month after the incident, after a fellow nurse confronted him and he confirmed to him what he had told the patient.
The other nurse, Mr Rowe, told Awakame that the woman thought she was possessed and he replied, ‘She may well be.’
The doctor has returned to Ghana since the 2014 incident, but a hearing was held in his absence in Manchester, and he was found guilty of several misconducts.
The patient, who has been diagnosed with dissociative disorder, told the hearing that the doctor’s words really stuck because she has been told similar things by her family growing up.
“I had pretty much switched off after hearing Dr Awakame tell me that no psychiatrist or psychologist could help me as throughout my childhood my parents had told me that no one would believe me and no one would help me.” The woman, described in documents as Patient A, said.
His fate would be determined by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in February, who are likely to sanction him in absentia.
When contacted to give his side of the story to the tribunal in writing, he declined, saying he had stopped practising psychiatry. His notes though, contained references to the session with Patient A consistent with what she said.
Dr Julius Awakame graduated from the University of Ghana Medical School in 1993. He went on to earn a masters degree from the University College of London and a PhD from the University of Leeds.
Despite all this education and travelling the world, a superstitious little Ghanaian at heart. Luckily for the entire universe, he’s not practicing psychiatry anymore. How can someone be in mental health when they’re likely to attribute everything they do not understand, and in mental health that’s a lot- to demonic spirits?

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