Teenage Nigerian Boy Confesses To Having S*x With Sheep And Immensely Enjoying It

This boy looks to have started his life entirely on the wrong foot…
The 15 year old boy, known as Miracle Nweke, was reportedly caught in the act by a friend, having s*xual intercourse with a sheep he had captured.
A self confessed member of Assemblies of God Church in Nnewichi-Nnewi, Miracle confessed everything to his captors after his capture, Dailypost Nigeria reports.
According to him, he has been molesting sheep for a while. He says he does it because he totally enjoys it.
“Whenever I get any sheep of my choice, I untie it from the spot where the owner has left it and take the sheep to a secluded uncompleted building and have s*x with it. I don’t do anything else with the sheep than that. I normally make sure that no one is around watching while doing it because I know that the owners of the sheep may not like it.” He is quoted as saying.
“It gives me great pleasure whenever I have s*x with sheep. I have never tried any other kind of animal to know the difference. My experience of having s*x with sheep is sweet,”
Asked why he indulged in acts that he should know are wrong, he said normally a spirit directs him to do what he does.
“There is a spirit that normally tells me to go and look for sheep and whenever I hear the commanding voice of the spirit, it becomes irresistible for me to take away my eyes from sheep.
“I will be so restless and confused until after I have carried out the instruction of the unseen spirit.”
Those who captured him believed he is really under the spell of a spirit, so they agreed to release him to his parents to seek out the requisite spiritual help. I know Obinim can help.


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