7 Proven Tips to Stay Organized in Every Aspect of Your Life

Desperate black woman
So the New Year began days ago and your new resolution (which is actually a to-do list for the first week of January) does not look as appealing as it did in the frenzy of the moment you made it. Well, you are not alone.
Personally, I have made it a point to keep myself organized this year in order to accomplish my set goals.
The principle of keeping set goals accomplished is being organized. Being organized deals with a conscience that eludes most of us in Ghana; the conscience of time. The factor of organization is sometimes interchanged and mistaken for time management. Subsequent posts will go to make readers realize the difference.
The most important thing about this list is that it should be created around the scheduled structure of your work or school life.
This is easier to do because work and school creates a structure that is stable and so leaves your organization habit to the flexibility of your creativity.
No one method is right but there are those that are proven:


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