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7 Proven Tips to Stay Organized in Every Aspect of Your Life

1. Put everything away as soon as you can
A cluttered space, be it at work, home or school, creates the illusion of busyness and overwhelms you at some point. It makes you feel disorganized and becomes a constant unconscious distraction because it becomes hard to focus on achieving the bigger set goals. So de-clutter. Clean up. All shoes should be in a box or under your bed or on the rack (if you have one). And they should stay there no matter how tired you feel. Assign tasks to children. It heavily depends on how you condition everyone to follow this simple trick to easing stress and clearing your mind.
2. Make a To-do list
Consider a weekly list and then break it up daily. It is advisable to set 3 goals for yourself every morning in order to achieve your weekly goal. Avoid putting down every little thing you do because your list might make you feel overwhelmed.
3. Pick out one task from your list (in order of importance) and leave it completed.
Multitasking is the devil with an Angel’s voice. Do not be tempted be Superman or Catwoman or you will end up with quarter-done tasks at the end of the day.
4. Do the chosen task right now
(After you are done reading this post, of course). And while you are at it, be sure to use the word “no” as often as you breathe. Saying yes and putting off task that will lead you to accomplish your daily goals may make you seem like a people person but would you rather be a liked person than an admired person? People persons are liked. Accomplished persons are admired. Take your pick.


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