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7 Proven Tips to Stay Organized in Every Aspect of Your Life

5. Take note of your routine
By this time, you will have realized a pattern in your daily actions. This will be your routine. A routine may include waking up at 5am, meditating/revisiting your daily goal, exercising/tidying up (completely optional), bathing, getting everyone ready for school (and work)   preparing breakfast, and setting off. This could be a morning routine. Things like these may seem dreary and hard work but if they get your life on track to achieve your goals day by day, then they will be enjoyed. Unless there is a major lifestyle change, your routine should not change, except when you reevaluate it at the end of the week and find need to make changes in order that it becomes more effective.
6. Anything in your possession that you will not use must go!
No excuses. Donate that shoe you hardly picture yourself wearing. When was the last time you wore those clothes again? 10 months ago? What are they still doing in your possession? (if this were a crime, I would be doing forever time). Do a revamp of your wardrobe. Get into your garage and clean it out. If it is in your possession, it is in use. Make exceptions if you must. The key to organization is to simplify. So let there be space.
7. If it’s not down, it’s not done
Let this be your mantra. Organization is made easier and a lot simpler if things are written down. You may use a diary or an app. I will bring up a follow-up guide on apps that you can use to stay organized.
How do you keep your life organized?


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