VIDEO: Leila Djansi Grossly Disrepects Nollywood | Says Calling Your Movie Nollywood is Like Calling Your Son Hitler & Stella Damasus Hits Back Hard

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Film-maker Leila Djansi
Film-maker Leila Djansi

Leila Djansi has bitten more than she can chew this time by totally disrespecting Nollywood and all the tall list of actors and actresses in the second largest movie industry in the world.
In a recent interview, Leila Djansi stated among other things that new film-makers like herself should not be tagged Nollywood and rather should be called Independent film-makers because calling your movie Nollywood is like calling your son Hitler.
She added that, Nollywood comes with a bad unprofessional connotation that they should run away from. 
Leila Djansi categorically said Nollywood is a mess, probably she means, it is so worst that she does not want to be associated with the industry and as such tagging her productions Nollywood is disrespectful.
Her comment has gotten certain Nollywood industry folks upset; and Stella Damasus has recorded a vlog trashing her in and out—just as she deserves.
Leila seems to accord herself this high status that she does not really merit to the extent that she continues to delude herself with such below the belt statements.
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