PHOTO EVIDENCE: John Dumelo Exposed After Denying Meeting Akufo Addo Last Year to Beg to Campaign for Him

John Dumelo and Nana Addo
John Dumelo and Nana Addo

Maybe Akosua Abebrese was right when she harshly said; John Dumelo is a douche bag, a wazzock, an alleged fraud and lacks credibility.
Last week, John Dumelo took to twitter to say Nana Akufo Addo will never win the 2016 elections and that President John Dramani Mahama will be sworn into office come January 2017.
His political message and an obvious endorsement of John Dramani Mahama despite the hovering incompetence of John Mahama’a administration got a lot of people talking on social media.
And then Nana Akufo Addo’s PA-Francis Asenso-Danso came out to say John Dumelo approached Nana Akufo Addo last year to campaign for him—and slammed John Mahama in the presence of the NPP’s flagbearer to win a political spot on the pay roll of the NPP.
Because it did not work out for him with the NPP, John back-tracked to the NDC, and has become a  social media stooge of the incumbent government. Therefore, his rhetoric is merely political influenced by money, the NPP seems to say.
Yesterday, John Dumelo denied ever meeting Nana Akufo Addo last year in another tweet but from the above photo which the NPP has released from John’s meeting with Nana Addo last year, John once again lied.
This is where we quote Akosua Abebrese;

His [John Dumelo] bank accounts have probably seen an increase in funds from a certain quarters—which mean he has succeeded in selling the last bit of the remains of his integrity and conscience.
In a wider conversation, John Dumelo has no credibility and as such whatever he says should not even matter—just search through the myriad of archives of his alleged swindles and inconsistent political statements and you would clearly pick up where he sits on the important rod of credibility.
It’s only a vile individual who would wish for his sole comfort to the detriment of his people—and ask that we find glory in incompetence, corruption and the endless hardships which have become the seal of the Mahama led-NDC administration.
God is watching you; Mr. Dumelo. And if your prediction comes to pass, let’s hope your paymasters invite Kanye West to Ghana to play in your a**hole for you.

Slowly, John Dumelo is cooking his own balls with his political aggression; let’s hope he knows what he is doing.
Even if John says he met Akufo Addo last two years instead of last year as being claimed, what was the purpose of his meeting and what was the conversation about?


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0 thoughts on “PHOTO EVIDENCE: John Dumelo Exposed After Denying Meeting Akufo Addo Last Year to Beg to Campaign for Him”

  1. Have you not seen how much weight John has gained in the last year alone? look at him well in the photo!!!
    Pls get serious GC! This picture is at least 2 or 3 years ago. Did Dumelo himself not say he met Nana in person 2 years ago? So where is the exposure in this story?
    Please give us real authentic news and stop the partisan politics while you sit in London doing absolutely nothing to help move our country forward except printing lies. You are entitled to be NPP Chris Vincent and Dumelo is also entitled to be NDC.

  2. And so what if John met Nana even if it was yesterday, last year or 2 years ago? Do you know how many public and non public figures celebrities meet on a daily basis? Have you wondered whether it was even Nana who invited Dumelo?
    Chris Vincent stop this nonsen$e of starting fires where there is none.

  3. Chris Vincent Paaaaa! You think Nana doesn’t know John has influence even amongst his colleagues and could have easily invited John on board. NPP and the whole Gh knows that Dumelo did an advert for NDC in 2012 election on TV. Do you think NPP would not have exposed him long long before he tweeted that Nana would not win if they had evidence to suggest John came begging.
    Please use your head small! NPP is only attack John NOW because of his tweet. They can’t suspend him becos his not a party member otherwise they would have done it; ask Afoko & Kwabena etc etc. NPP cannot tolerate opposing views even inside their own party. So nobody should be surprised about what they are doing to Dumelo

  4. So what did John go and meet with Akuffo Addo for? Can he tell us why the meeting with a leader of a party he does not support? Maybe that will answer all the questions. Did he go and beg?

  5. So if someone sees Akosua Abebrese at Circle in the night does that mean she is a Prostitute? mtcheeewww.. This article holds no substance


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