Akosua Abebrese Writes: All Hail Kennedy Agyepong the Terminator for TERMINATING the Queen of Insults-Afia Schwarzenegger

Kennedy Agyepong and Afia Schwarzenegger
Kennedy Agyepong and Afia Schwarzenegger

I am beyond ecstatic that this b*tch has been insanely exterminated.
And if you don’t know who I am talking about, let me clearly state that I am referring to the self-style idiot who for many years has bullied and tormented many ‘soft’ Ghanaians with her disgusting attacks.
Afia Schwarzenegger, real name-Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa has finally been cut into pieces; she has been knocked-out in what has become the biggest boxing of insults in Ghana’s history.
For God knows how long, this Afia Schwarzenegger has risen to become the champion of insults and unwarranted attacks, which she serves cold on people she deem enemies—or those who find themselves in the bad books of her cronies.
On the back of this nonsense which unfortunately a bunch of dim-witted Ghanaians seem to appreciate, she has become a celebrity—a local champion, and has amassed several social media followers.
Since insults and personality attacks are the fuel on which she runs her lame butt, she incessantly takes hits at people—going beyond any reasonable borders to assault these people, their loved ones and their sacred integrity.
And the sad part of it all is that she enjoys doing it, and has those who keep hailing her for this brute of nonsense she champions.
Shockingly, her employers seem to enjoy that too, because, somehow she is able to bring in some sort of ratings—pulling the various insults and loose talk lovers to pay attention.
She has always been on the attack, and for a long time she has been killing the little birds, the decent clean antelopes who detest any sort of altercation.
She jabs at everyone and anything—regularly devouring Bishop Daniel Obinim and Deloris Frimpong Manso (Delay).
Afia Schwarzenegger has always been on the winning side: she is well-equipped with insults and would literally beat anyone who took her on with her many years of experience, aided by her psychosis.
What Afia Schwarzenegger didn’t know is that, the lion may be a King of the jungle but there are certain territories where the lion would be beaten flat on its a$$—and therefore wouldn’t visit.

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Afia was extremely convinced that she was the unbeatable Queen of insults, though this is a preposterous title for any woman to hold with pride.
And then she mistakenly attacked the terminator himself-Kennedy Agyepong—sent from the future by Bishop Obinim to Terminate her.
Kennedy Agyepong is not just a grandmaster of insults, his daily existence centers around insults—best described as the foul mouth-piece of the largest opposition party in Ghana. He knows a good fight and if needed, he would descend into the slams to stamp his superiority.
As the turn of events has shown, this was a wrong fight for Afia Schwarzenegger to pick—she poked the wrong person.
And as a result, her whole existence on the rod of insults has been obliterated. She has been annihilated, murdered and terminated.
For once, she has made silence her best friend—shamefully saying she has been advised to keep quiet. When did Afia start to take anyone’s advice when it comes to her insults?
It’s obvious the b*tch has been terminated.
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