PHOTO: Can Anyone Write 'Good English' At Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC)? | This Notice Will Shock You

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According to a Facebook user-Percy Osei-Appiah, he was at Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) yesterday for an interview and found the above notice on one of the glass doors—and though this seems to have shocked a lot of people on facebook, real GTV viewers wouldn’t be shocked because GBC serves stuff like this all the time.
GTV is known for spelling everything wrong except when they are spelling TV Licence. They mislabel things all the time and sometimes call Andrea Ayew—Asamoah Gyan.
When Efya is on the screen, they write Rihanna or something like that.
But that’s the TV—however, unless no one at GBC uses this door, how can they not have seen the obvious spelling mistake?
It shouldn’t take a visitor to point it out before it can be spotted. We really play too much in this country.

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