NPP Cape Coast Parliamentary Candidate Survives Attack By Knife Wielding Assailant

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The NPP Parliamentary candidate in the Cape Coast North constituency for the 2016 elections, Barbara Asher Ayisi, survived a suspected assassination attempt by an assailant on Saturday.
The attacker broke into her compound armed with a knife, a hammer and other tools, shouting for the MP. He managed to vandalise her car, but was overpowered by people around before he could carry out his attack.
Multiple reports indicate the assailant was assaulted by the crowd before being handed over to the police, who took him to hospital for treatment. There are also suspicions he might be mentally unstable, thus police plan a trip to Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital to determine his mental health status.
This is disturbing, but doubly so because there was a successful attempt just this week on an MP, so questions are bound to be raised about the timing of this attack.

the assailant
the assailant

The shaken target of the attack, Barbara Ayisi, narrated the incident to Citi News.
“I am tutor at Wesley Girls High School so I was getting ready for my school’s speech and prize giving day, then I heard noise outside so I just came out and saw a struggle between a strange man and my driver. According to my driver, the man wanted to come inside because he said he wanted to see the NPP MP. So the driver managed to push him away and we locked the gate.” she narrated.
“After we locked the gate, we felt excited because we knew he was outside, but we could still hear noise from outside and he was being rowdy by breaking things here and there. I was inside but I could see from where I was standing. Then suddenly I saw that he scaled the wall and then I had some NPP flags around which he took and started tearing them. And then he was yelling in my local Fanti dialect and asking, ‘where is the NPP MP’?
“So I was shocked because initially I didn’t know I was the one she was looking for; so when he said that, then I knew I was the target. It took about fifty minutes or an hour and people who came around were trying to enter the house but all the gates were locked. We have two cars packed there; one of them is branded with my pictures, he took the photos off and tore the NPP flags so I was just wondering; and so we started making calls to tell people that we were under attack. He then smashed the rear screen of the car and after that he wanted to enter the hall where we were, so that was when we all got scared because he was trying to break into the room. All that helped us was the burglar proof. I could see people outside but they couldn’t come in and they were afraid to also climb the wall into the house.”
Luckily, he was later overpowered and arrested, not before being beaten to within an inch of his life though.

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