5 Crazier Things You Could Do For Love…Part 2

5 min

You saw the first part of this post days ago and now is the time for the second part.
The list has contents that many are familiar with because we are hardly far from being subject to doing them in the name of loving someone. The list does not seek to discourage anyone from sincerely doing these acts of love towards their significant other.
The quality that makes this list crazy is when two people are “dating” but one person is half-hearted about it and either has ulterior motives for getting involved or is simply looking for something interesting to do and so takes advantage of the seemingly blissful opportunity that you offer to give them; a glimpse of heaven on earth (ladies are especially guilty of doing this to the disadvantage of men).
Such one-sided partnerships (I sincerely cannot violate the name “relationship”) are supremely annoying to the by-standers who see everything wrong that the “fool” cannot perceive.
Love is not blind but these people make it look as if it is begging to see with these 5 crazy things they do in its name (especially in the season of Valentine):

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