Ghanaian Psychiatrist Who Told A Patient She Was Possessed And Referred Her To T.B Joshua Cleared After Tribunal Hearing

Dr Julius Awakame
Dr Julius Awakame

Dr Julius Awakame was the Ghanaian psychiatrist who used to practice in the UK and got into trouble after telling a patient she was demonically possessed and directed her to go get some ‘holy water from T.B Joshua for her ailment.
For his unorthodox approach, Dr Awakame was relieved of his duties, and faced a medical practitioners tribunal hearing to determine his eventual fate.
Now in Ghana, his case was reviewed in absentia, and the tribunal cleared him of any wrongdoing, and overturned the earlier decision sanctioning him.
In the letter of the tribunal’s outcome they sent to the doctor, assistant registrar Joanne Johnson wrote “the (medical practitioners) tribunal determined that your fitness to practise is not impaired and no warning is required.”
However, in accordance with good medical practice, which calls for doctors to be honest at all times, Awakame “must respond appropriately, if asked for information about… (his) fitness to practise history.”
The General Medical Council has the option to appeal the decision.
The genesis of the doctor’s problems was when he told one of his patients, a mentally disturbed woman suffering from ‘dissociative personality’ that ‘neither psychiatry nor psychology would be able to help because there are special forces at play’, and then recommended T.B Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations as a solution to her ‘demonic possession’. You know, because he had watched them on TV and they seemed to specialise in that- nothing fishy about choreographed broadcasts at all.
His employment with the North Essex Partnership Foundation Trust was terminated a while later, after one nurse confronted him on what he told the woman and he admitted to it.
He’s back in Ghana now, and always maintained that he did nothing wrong. The tribunal’s decision seems to bear him out, although it seems quite contrived. A doctor, a psychiatrist especially, who is willing to leave some explanations to unproven and unprovable supernatural phenomena, might shirk his duties at a point when a treatment would not be sought or administered vigorously enough, because, you know, demons.


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