British High Commissioner-Jon Benjamin MOCKS Bishop Obinim AGAIN

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Bishop Obinim and Jon Benjamin
Bishop Obinim and Jon Benjamin

Like most British, the British High Commissioner to Ghana-Jon Benjamin has a good sense of humor which he occasionally dishes out to his social media followers.
On twitter, he’s more like a commentator and not a diplomat—which makes him the people’s favourite.
Recently, Benjamin asked Bishop Obinim to turn into snake on LIVE TV for all of us to see—following Obinim’s claim that he has the spiritual might to turn into any animal he desires and in fact he has been turning in to snakes and lions.
A few hours ago, the diplomat threw a humorous punchline at Obinim on twitter after one of his numerous followers twitted a picture of Obinim, holding a framed photo of himself in which he has had his head turned into a dog.
Mr Jon Benjamin replied to the photo, taking a swap at Bishop Obinim’s purple suit by saying: “…you won’t catch me wearing a suit that colour. Is it snakeskin?”
Obinim made headlines earlier today when a video surfaced online in which he said he is a spiritual thief who goes to various Ghanaian banks to steal money—and share these cash for to his congregation.
Jon Benjamin tweet
Jon Benjamin tweet


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