British Woman-Marie Asemota Who Exposed Reggie of ‘Reggie & Bollie’ For Wanting to Chop Her Down BEGS

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Reggie and Marie
Reggie and Marie

British woman, Marie Asemota, 26, who put Reggie (real name-Reginald Kojo Ainooson) of ‘Reggie & Bollie’ fame on media blast by ‘leaking’ intimate Whatsapp and phone conversation with the X-factor star seems to be scared of her own shadow and the mess she created.
Maria told UK’s DailyStar newspaper recently that Reggie wanted to chop her down—and backed her claim with embarrassing text messages which showed Reggie, a married man, ‘begging’ to get just a taste of her.
UK’s Daily Star reported that Reggie “spent most of November and December bombarding smitten Marie Asemota with lurid messages behind his unsuspecting wife’s back.”
Marie said at the time that: “Being a good husband and dad is Reggie N Bollie’s brand but in Reggie’s case it’s a fake. He is living a double life. I thought he liked me but he just used me and then dropped me.”
Marie added that “she and Reggie exchanged more than 500 texts as he shot to fame on The X Factor.”
Following the revealing text messages, an audio conversation between Marie and Reggie was published—in which Reggie, the father of 3, was heard desperately scheming to have Maria for a night.
Now, it seems Maria has regretted the media expose she championed—perhaps, it has become a bad big business for her.
A few days ago, GhanaCelebrities.Com received an email believed to be from this same- Marie Asemota ‘begging’ that we delete the stories of her embarrassing relationship with Reggie.
Maria's Email
Maria’s Email

Of course we are not going to delete these articles and we did not even consider her email as newsworthy until we were today informed she has also contacted several online media outlets, begging to have her stories deleted.
If Marie Asemota is looking to clean her name and the mess she created herself, that seems really impossible and if it has become one hell of a bad enterprise, affecting her business—then the best is for her to change her name and visit the plastic surgeon.

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