CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: The Gross Incompetence of the VGMA Board Exposed | the Case of Teephlow


The annual Vodafone Ghana Music Awards organised by Charter House sits on top of the conversation as the most popular award scheme in Ghana—and perhaps, the most insanely controversial.
Interestingly, most of the yearly controversies are easily avoidable but the organisers seem to take pride in bathing their egos in unnecessary back and forth tantrums with artistes and critics, when a simple clearer explanation of the matters generating the controversies would have settled things.
The organisers and the ‘infallible’ VGMA board have been accused on different layers of scheming to grant awards to certain artistes or to deny others their purportedly deserving winnings, mostly out of previous cause of dealings.
We’ve had the infamous Kwesi Pee’s indictment, the unending Shatta Wale ruction—and more recently, the ScrewFace’s accusation which mirrors the picture Kwesi Pee long painted that somewhat portrays the award scheme as intrinsically fraudulent.
Despite the yearly hullabaloos and the strong finger pointing of dishonest awarding or nominations practiced by the organisers and the VGMA board, the two bodies have always denied any wrong doing—and have always insisted they are competent structures, incapable of being anything less of their posture.
Of course, we are talking about an award scheme based in Ghana, a country where everyone clothes himself as an expert or overly competent and would never accept any liability for a fault—even if it borders on his own incompetence. After all, It’s impossible for the exceedingly competent to be incompetent.
Therefore, for many years, Charter House has cunningly and energetically displaced and silenced all its critics with dishonest PR work, led by George Quaye—and sometimes, the dark Soviet tactics of threats, bans, intimidation and marginalization are employed so that the Ghana Music Awards can be portrayed as an impeccable award scheme under the watch of a more than usual competent board.
Whenever cogent submissions are made against their methods and holes are punched in their ‘too perfect’ yearly nominations, they’ve never accepted that they got it wrong—not even once. And anytime the competence of the board is rightfully attacked, this is hurriedly dislodged off the board members’ shoulders.
When it comes to the VGMA, everyone is always wrong—while the board and Charter House remain the fountainhead of excellence, perfection and rightfulness.
Such a seemingly perfect board or award scheme beyond any sort of reproach does not exist. So some of us knew it wouldn’t take too long for the competent board to shoot itself in the foot for all to see.
TeePhlow's REVOKED nomination
One of TeePhlow’s REVOKED nominations

And they just did so by nomination TeePhlow’s ‘The Warning’ song which was officially released around 23rd April, 2014—for the 2016 VGMA, when the year under review is 2015 and not 2014.
Perhaps, TeePhlow’s management from the Last Two Music Group submitted this song for nominations in an obvious bad faith, but that does not absolve the faultless VGMA board from crosschecking when this song was indeed released.
It wouldn’t take more than 5 minutes through a simple Google search to find out the released date of the song—someone on the board did not his or her work, and it doesn’t seem like anyone within the perfect Charter House organisation would accept that once again they got it wrong, despite never ever having gotten anything wrong in their own estimation.
I remember speaking in length to Hammer, CEO of the Last Two Music Group a few weeks before ‘The Warning’ single was released—and even got a call from Hammer the day it was released to write a piece on it for his ‘boy’.
So the released date is well established—what’s uncertain is how the VGMA board could have missed this simply important factor, and how many other things they’ve missed.
So far, the VGMA board or Charter House has not issued any statement in relation to this ridiculous mistake—they’ve simply ‘revoked’ TeePhlows’ 3 out of 4 nominations and everything ought to flow as though nothing ever happened.
And let the radio shows raise this, the faint line between PR and Propaganda will quickly be blurred without Charter House or many of its stooges ever admitting that the VGMA’s  competent board is not all that competent after all.
If the board has screwed up on such a simple detail then it’s reasonable to say, we don’t have to bother with the complex equations—just buy whatever they are selling until they realize from within that they are losing it.


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