Meet The Man And His Son Who Both Incredibly Celebrate Their Birthday On February 29

Fred and Eric Shekoufeh

I’m not very good at math, but the odds of this happening is just ‘un-f**king-likely to one’
It’s like if they drag a stranger off the street and put him on a basketball court, then he manages to make three cross court baskets in three tries.
But that’s exactly the situation involving Fred Shekoufeh and his son Eric, who both celebrate their birthdays on Monday, February 29, as the Huffington Post reports.
February 29 is that extra day in February that gets added on every four years, or in leap years. Being born on that day in a leap year is an incredibly long shot- but then giving birth to your son on that same day as well is nigh impossible.
How impossible? The odds are 1/2100000- or 0.0000004762
Fred was born and raised in Iran, and moved to the US in 1979. He had Eric in 1996, as you’ll have surmised by now, on his birthday.
On Monday, he gets to celebrate his 15th official birthday, whilst his son turns ‘5’.
Then they both have to wait another four years to celebrate their next birthdays.

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