Yvonne Nelson And John Dumelo ‘Bury The Hatchet’ After Their Very Public Break-Up Due To Political Differences

John Dumelo and Yvonne Nelson
John Dumelo and Yvonne Nelson

Love conquers all, is what people say. Is that what we’re seeing here?
This two had a very public falling out last year, after Yvonne Nelson took a stand on ‘dumsor must stop’ and John Dumelo defended his political masters.
It seems they’re all good now, after Yvonne shared a video of the two of them together on Instagram. They seem light hearted and goofing around, and John even makes a joke about them not being supposed to be seen together.
In other news, Nelson’s flirtation with Pappy Kojo continues; he makes an appearance in this video too.
Watch for yourself…

F A N T E S ??…… So my snapchat is the funniest/coolest now…join me ? yvonnenelsongh

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0 thoughts on “Yvonne Nelson And John Dumelo ‘Bury The Hatchet’ After Their Very Public Break-Up Due To Political Differences”

  1. It’s just a publicity stunt. Yvonne has been begging and pleading with John thru close friends to help them restore the friendship for months. no wonder she quickly put up the video to show she has John back. Meanwhile John has only forgiven her, he is not dating her and they are not going to be as close as they use to be before. Lol John doesn’t even have one video or picture of her from the mall on his social media while Yvonne couldn’t wait to spread it like wild fire. yvonne is very funny and should remember that John is not a fool. It’s great to forgive but he won’t be foolish enough to be bitten twice by the sane attention seeker.

  2. Oh Pappy Kojo sorry wai.
    You were just counterfeit. but don’t worry, John has a very serious girlfriend so there’s hope. Yvonne wants attention and for ppl to see john and her are friends again but John will never date someone who has slept with enough celebrities to start a football team.
    But still sorry wai ?. Iyanya survived. You will too lol

    • Then you are completely lost on social media. Go to her Facebook page immediately she posted the video for attention (as usual) go and see the congratulatory messages for them getting back together and dating again and also see the unfortunate comments for condolence pappy Kojo (who is alleged to be YN’s new play thing) before you comment without information.

      • But doesn’t mean they r dating tho…they r bk together as friends & not lovers or fwb’s regardless of what ppl comment. I ff YN on snapchat & yeah she was quick to post the video on her ig but they never dated and ain’t nw…is just friendship…lol, friendship nso na amanfo) afa no worldcup sei.

  3. But John Paaa he fool oh. I would have forgiven this girl long ago for disgracing me to the nation but for me to climb back in the same snake pit with her as buddies again. Never, God forbid. This girl was more eager to show the public the video of she and John together again than she was when she should have said sorry to him after she called him all sorts of names. John dey guard, not every woman has good a heart ooo some use u to look good that’s all

  4. So now John is a certified stomach politician. He will collect from yvonne’s camp and JM’s camp.
    How can you trust a woman who is organized a whole nationwide demonstration against the man you call you claim to adore as your president? As if it’s not enough this Yvonne disgraced you like on Twitter like a small boy. It took weeks for u to find ur balance to even reply her. Then u go posing and smiling with her. Mr President pls watch this Dumelo. NDC watch him Paa. He could be a serious mole or NPP could have set up yvonne as a mole because they know that thing btn john’s legs are weak. Even Samson with all his strength fell in the bible.
    I must say I am utterly disappointed and ashamed in JD. If you want to forgive someone, forgive them don’t make a public show it’s not necessary. You have given yourself to a Jezebel again like a stupid fool. She will bite you harder this time again, just wait and see.


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