Lexis Bill Of JOY FM Apologizes to Abraham Attah for Mocking Him| Says ' I Admit that the Mimicking Was in Bad Taste and I Sincerely Apologise to Abraham' + MORE

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Lexis Bill
Lexis Bill

Last night, the Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com-Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri raised an issue and vigorously led a campaign against 3 Ghanaian radio presenters-Jay Foley, Lexis Bill and MzGee for mocking Abraham Attah’s fumbled speech and accent.
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri took them to cleaners and his epic response to them has generated a huge social media and offline buzz.
Of course certain folks have come out to defend the indefensible but finally, Lexis Bill has apologized to Abraham Attah and his audience for his unacceptable conduct on radio with MzGee.
The radio presenter wrote on his facebook wall a few minutes ago;

Yesterday on my show, Drive Time on Joy 99.7FM, we carried a story about talented young Ghanaian actor Abraham Attah presenting an award at the 2016 Oscars and another of him picking the award for ‘Best Male Lead’ at the 2016 Spirit Awards.
As part of the story, we played Abraham’s acceptance speech at the Spirit Awards. Subsequently, I repeated how the gifted actor said ‘Thank you, Thank you’ in a bid to thank my co-presenter and producers.
With the benefit of hindsight, I admit that the mimicking was in bad taste and I sincerely apologise to Abraham and you my cherished audience. I wish to state that I never intended to undermine the achievements of Abraham Attah. That was never the intention.
I deeply regret any offence the comments may have caused. That is not who I am. I, like many Ghanaians, have celebrated the achievements of Master Attah and won’t deliberately say anything that is remotely related to belittling him.
I apologise to all.
Thank You.
Lexis Bill.

Now, it’s up to Jay Foley to accept his mistake and also apologize, instead of trying to say there’s nothing wrong with what he did—mocking the 15 year old boy just as Lexis did, for which he has apologized.

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Lexis Bill

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  1. look at barima anim ne ano, his mouth alone is like a plunger ready to plunge dirt out of a blocked and over used sink. i don’t care for this nonsense apology cos if ghanaians have not descended on him the way we did, you probably would not have apologised. what this 15yrs old have achieved you will never in your wildest dream even come close in all your entire life. tweaaaaaaa. foolishness!

    1. absolutely!!! He will never and i re-iterate, he will never ever come close to Attah’s achievement throughout his entire life and that is a fact. I can bet my last penny on it. I hope he takes a serious cue from it. animguasefo) a muregu Ghana anim ase