Obinim Vs Owusu Bempah: Let’s Replace The Ghana Premier League With The Pastor’s Premier League

Ghanaians in recent times have been fixated on Daniel Obinim and Isaac Owusu Bempah, two supposed ‘Men of God’ who are so far from what Jesus, from what we know of him in the bible- might have envisioned his eventual followers would look like.
Rather than behaving like two adults, they behave like two children, comparing the sizes of their toys to see who has the bigger one. They go on air and challenge each other to pissing contests, to determine which one has more ‘powers’.
Such a contest was supposed to take place at the premises of Happy Fm on Thursday, but Obinim apparently grew cold feet. He was supposed to meet Owusu Bempah at the station’s premises for the contest, but, as Happy Fm reports– whilst Owusu Bempah turned up, Obinim the ‘spiritual guru’ was rather the one who ran away.
Moving on from laughing at the biggest braggart in Ghana, the man who claims he can turn into snakes and lions and even a madman, running away from a simple challenge, this actually gave me a great idea for Ghana to make some more revenue, and save our sinking local league in the process.
It is no secret that the Ghana Premier League is in trouble, plagued by many issues, but most especially poor turnout for games. So how about we kill two birds with one stone? Let’s have a pastor’s Premier League in Ghana, featuring the Obinim’s and the Owusu Bempah’s and all the fake pastors this country is strewn with. What we’ll do is before any league game, two of them would come out and engage in a battle to show who has more ‘powers’. We know Ghanaians love their football, but if there’s anything they love more than football, its religion.
This would raise attendance for league games exponentially, whilst allowing these aggrieved pastors the chance to draw more people to their congregation with the powers they display. Win-win.
Of course, it’ll be televised, which would serve the double purpose of getting atheists like myself to eat humble pie. If I go to one of these and see their ‘powers’ in action, you think I’ll be able to hold onto my non-belief, which is based on a unilateral rejection of the supernatural? Richard Dawkins would spend years in denial, looking for a rational explanation for what is happening but finding none. Something would finally have shut him up.
It can be marketed and sold worldwide, opening up a global market to all these pastors. Nigerian pastors are some of the richest in the world, maybe this is how our pastors can catch up with them.
So, not a bad idea, huh? The Christian leaders can sit down with the Ghana Football Association and submit the names of sixteen pastors, so they draw up a league table for them. I’m guessing the Muslims and the Traditionalists would also like to get in on the action too- no problem. We can save the Ghana league, and give Ghana a unique position in the global religious sphere,all in one fell swoop.
Let’s do this!!!


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  1. When two charlatans fight, the masses regain their consciousness. I hope this will be the wake up call to all those sheep’s who follow them.


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