‘The Holy Spirit Is My Teacher’ – Yaw Siki

You know, there are many names for people who hear voices in their head, and none of them is a pretty one .
But in Ghana, one is celebrated when you admit you’re borderline schizophrenic.
Reformed secular artiste Yaw Siki, who recently made headlines after refusing an offer of help from Sonnie Badu, has said that in everything he does these days, the Holy Spirit is his guide.
Siki made the remarks during an appearance on Restoration with Stacy. According to him, since his return to Christ, he relies solely on the voice of the Holy Spirit and God in making any decision in his life.
“I rely on the Holy Spirit for everything. The Holy Spirit is my teacher” he told Stacy Amoateng.
“The Holy Spirit reveals things to me.”
According to him, some decisions the Holy Spirit has guided him on already include whether to go to Bible School or continue his music career.
“Initially, I wanted to go to Bible school, but the Holy Spirit is in control of my life. I’m no longer going.” he said.
He also added:  “Initially that (music) was what I wanted to do, so I even released a gospel tune; but the Holy Spirit has directed me to just focus on the preaching, and so I’ve stopped music.
“I will no longer do music, it will now be only preaching.”
According to Yaw, his new life is as fulfilling as anything he’s ever done.
“I think I am fulfilled, I’m complete in the Lord. I have that joy in me when I receive a new message from God and I’m stepping out to go and preach it to the world.”
The former hiplife artiste survived a horrific accident a few years ago, after which he became born again and a preacher of the word. He later disclosed in an interview he was facing financial challenges, but when UK based gospel singer Sonnie Badu offered to help, he turned down the offer because he said it was made publicly. Sonnie Badu disagreed, saying Siki refused it because he was not able to answer a few baseline questions his management wanted him to answer before giving him the money.
Either way, he seems quite genuine about this whole change thing, so I doubt we have an All 4 Real situation on our hands.


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