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Peace Hyde Breaks the Internet with Her ‘Outlandish’ Figure | Is This Even Legal?

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Peace Hyde

Peace Hyde is known for many things but sitting on top her achievements is this outlandish and yet attention-grabbing figure that’s capable of causing chaos even in the pulpit.
Yesterday, the above photo of Peace Hyde nearly broke the internet: she claims it’s natural, some says it has been artificially enhanced—and I ask; is it even legal?
From the above photo, it seems she is struggling to catch her breath and if it is indeed natural, then she surely must be going through hell each day.
If Peace Hyde takes a stroll at any of the busy suburbs of Accra, she would probably cause more than 10 accidents in less than 10 minutes—people will look and they will knock their heads and cars.
Interestingly, a facebook user who commented on the photo on the social media site said he saw Peace Hyde recently in Accra and she struggled to get out of a car—to the extent that she needed support from a certain man.
He wrote “De last tym I saw her at East Legon, she had to be supported by de man she was with, to be able get out of her car…infact she looked very weak…her hip is a problem.”
Perhaps, those of you looking to break beds or internet with such figures ought to reconsider your desires—it may not be all that comforting after all for folks like Peace Hyde!

This post was published on March 17, 2016 7:45 AM

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