GC EXCLUSIVE: Kumkum Bhagya’ Host Adwoa Saah’s Newly Wedded Husband is 'Goddam CHEAT'—He Has Two Children With 2 Different Women in UK

Solomon Boateng and Adwoa Saah
Solomon Boateng and Adwoa Saah

Host of Adom TV’s Telenovela, ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ Adwoa Saah got married over the weekend to a man she claims to be her long term boyfriend—but GhanaCelebrities.Com is reliably informed that, this same man, known as Solomon Akwasi Boateng has two children with two different women in UK.
Unknown to any of these two women who have children with Solomon, he tied the knot to beautiful Adwoa Saah—who seems to be in the dark in relation to Solomon’s UK based family.
According to family sources close to one of the women whom Solomon has a child with, it was shocking to find wedding photos of Solomon on social media. Because, the mother of his child spoke to him the morning before the wedding and he did not even mention any impending wedding.
Interestingly, the first of the two children of Solomon Akwasi Boateng called Afriyie is just about to turn 2 years old—and the second-Nhyira is a little over 1 year old.
It’s therefore shocking as to how Solomon Akwasi Boateng is a long term boyfriend of Adwoa Saah—whom he got married to, because, a few months ago, he was with the mother of his second child.
Again, if his first born is about 2 years and his second child is a little over 1 year—how could this man be a long term boyfriend of Adwoa Saah, unless he was dating her alongside the mothers of his UK based children.
GhanaCelebrities.Com is also told that, Adwoa Saah’s husband- Solomon Akwasi Boateng has a cunning reputation—because, it was during the christening of his first child that the then new born mother got to know that, another woman was also pregnant for her partner and father of her child.
What remains unclear now is whether Adwoa Saah is well aware of the double life of the man she got married to over the weekend—and whether she also knows that a few months ago, the man she calls a long term boyfriend was in two serious relationships in UK.
Solomon Boateng and Adwoa Saah1


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0 thoughts on “GC EXCLUSIVE: Kumkum Bhagya’ Host Adwoa Saah’s Newly Wedded Husband is 'Goddam CHEAT'—He Has Two Children With 2 Different Women in UK”

  1. These men abroad and the women back home lol. A man with two children with two different women? Why are men that scare in the world? And she is supposed to be a celebrity right?

  2. It’s never interesting until GC drops the bomb shell behind the door for us. I thought Chris you are in Barcelona and still pulling deadly info like this? If you Holla at a friend you won’t die

  3. Is he the only man to marry with kids from different mothers???? Give us a break for this is no news and there is nothing wrong for her to marry him.

    • He is not the first guy to have 2 children with two different mums and still get a pretty one to marry. But he should at least have the decency to inform them of his marriage. And Afriyie will be 3 not 2.

      • You don’t see anything with the guy’s baby mother even getting to know there was another baby pregnant during her christening as well as he not having settled with any of these women to go for another? Are you for real

        • When my mum met my dad, she had 6 children already with more than 1 man but now my parents have married for over 40 years and they are happily married. My dad is about 80 n mum is about 76 and believe you me They are the best couples I have ever seen in life. There is more to marriage than to life or just relationship. Having kids with different people doesn’t stop you from marrying someone you truly love and know you can spend the rest of your life with. Please let’s stop judging them and pray for them n wish them well. When we were kids we all wished to marry the one who was going to break our virgin but hey most of us didn’t get it that way. Thank you

        • Well I’m really for real…. Do you mean to tell me you will settle for your 1st or 2nd boy friend even if you know for sure he is not the right person for you, you don’t love him as you thought and can’t make you happy? Like seriously……???

          • Dear Yaw,is it also fair that u impregnate one when u had another baby with someone during the christening?Come again wai.How would you feel if they were your sister(s) and left in the dark?Is not about having kids before setting down with someone,it’s about how it’s done wai.I also don’t believe your mum hoped from man to man just getting impregnated,maybe some of the men she encountered were just like the very man who we talking about here

          • Every person on this earth want to be happy especially in a relationship and no one will intentionally jump from one lady to another one without any tangible reason. I know these people we are talking about so pls Awiase if you don’t know much or the truth about this case try not to judge quickly. I believe you won’t be happy if your brother is in relationship and can’t discuss anything with his wife amicably. Anytime there is confusion the lady has to be violent. And we must understand that there is more to this thing marriage than to just relationship. No one will go ahead and marry someone who doesn’t make you feel secure n happy whiles dating. Thank you n stay blessed

          • Is the second baby mommy who was violent to him not the first one who he even promised to marry her very soon. What do you have to say about that?

          • It’s not about who was violent or not, it’s about whom you believe and know that she’s the right one and can spend the rest of your life with. As I said, there is more to marriage than to normal dating. These ladies will definitely meet someone in life again than they will also realised Solomon wasn’t the right one for them. What they got to do now is to pray and be happy for him. We all got such experience in life where you will meet someone who will make you understand why I have to get married… Solomon met his n I believe they will also meet their own at the right time.

      • Well I don’t think you wil tell your ex boy friend that you are getting married or will you? Let’s be truthful to ourselves ladies. It’s only losers who go about saying ugly things about their ex just to destroy their happiness. I’m not surprised at all about why the guy left her….. Loser

  4. I kinda just had the feeling smethn was up, cs the wedding was just imprompt from close sources plus he didn’t even seem that excited in all the pics & videos I’ve seen.

    • Jeff the wedding wasn’t impromptu… Those who are close and important to him knew about the wedding. And talkin about him being excited, he is the happiest man on earth now. Nothing is more happier than marrying the lady who loves, cherish, respect you and humble herself. If you are in relationship and you are not happpy, I don’t think you stay in n die. Please let’s leave them to enjoy their marriage. About the lady doing this, I wonder what you want from King. Is he the only guy who got kids with different mothers n didn’t marry any of them? Please give us a break, young girl! Just accept King has moved on and settled down with the person he knows and believed that she is the right one for him n look elsewhere for a husband. Hmmm with your character of being violent, I pray you will even get 1. May God have mercy on you

      • Nana yaw my problem is, is Adwoa saah aware of all these ? i mean the babies and the baby mamas?….. if she is, then i personally dont have any problem with her decision, the only thing that will make this story news is if she is not aware of all these before deciding to marry him, but if she is aware and still made her decision to do so, seriously i dont see y people must waste time on someones personal choice and decision (example is like chris telling us to accept gays at all cost cause its their own decision) so why then do we rant over the choices of others…………i support her…… i dont think life must come to an end because one has a kid with the wrong person or persons.

        • Yea she is aware of all of them. She knows her husband very well. It’s not like they just met and got married. Thanks Adwoa

          • Lol well I’m not him but know them very very well. I’m not defending them because I know them but I’m just being sincere. We are making it sound like if you got kids with different ladies you don’t deserve to be happy or marry the woman after your heart. Most people of our generation have dated more than once but still we pray and seek for a great partner to spend the rest of our lives with. No one will leave a good partner to just go and marry someone else. We all want the best in life and want to be in happy in life. Thank you and stay blessed.

          • oh kk…. anyway Adwoa appears to me as very humble person aside all her beauty so i wont be surprised if she is chosen among alot….lol…. anyway tell them in Ghana any news die naturally and quick if u pay no attention to it. after all y should she answer to people she does not know about her personal choices in life…. her doom will be responding……………. that is what Chris wants and is looking for. so that it becomes a public matter of exchanges………….. all this guy(chris) wants and its actually like that for all blogger, is anything for people to rush to his page and hail him as the breaker of doom news………and trust me Chris knows how to stretch very unnecessary matters and make them news…he cries about our celebrities looking for cheap popularity……..but he loves it more than his life….. its as if he has a PHD for that. hahahahahahahahhahhahhahaha. Nana yaw rest wae n stop bothering yourself……. I would even be glad to know my man is that fertile…lmao…….. the worst news would hv been that he is GAY LIKE CHRIS but if he is that straight and has kids then he is that perfect for marriage…hahahahahahhahah

        • Adjoa, I admire your sense of opinion concerning this matter.
          No one is obliged to stay in a relationship forever. If you are not happy with it you hop oou. the fact that a man has kids or a woman has kids from a previous relationship does not mean he can’t settle with the one they finally realise they love. Legally if the gentleman was not married to the two women who allegedly are placing concerns about his marriage, then they have a case. If not they should check themselves to resolve the problems they have which is causing the men not to marry them and walk away.
          This woman should be ashamed of herself flouting these allegations in public. The guy did not want you and so just move on.
          Also if this guy after being with several women realised he can’t find any woman as good as his old time girlfriend so decides to rekindle their love what’s the big deal.
          It is for the two lovers to decide to deal with their personal matters.

  5. This Nana Yaw paa.. Is he the PR for da couples? Anyway my question is Did they go to counselling? For how long? and Which Pastor?

    • Hahahaha John well I’m more than a PR to them lol. But let’s be honest what is the big deal about this case. King never married any of these ladies. The funny thing is one of the ladies is very cool and has moved on. It’s the violent girl who is behind all this and just find it too difficult to accept the fact that King has moved on and finally settled with a good and peaceful lady. Well for your question. They had counselling and the pastor who blessed the wedding is from Action Chapel. They didn’t hide anything from their church and family members and nothing prevented them from getting married. Thank you.

      • Nana Yaw aka Solomon why did they have the traditional wedding at Ex President Kuffour’s home? Is Kuffour’s her relative? Why wasn’t Adwoa’s mother who lives in Kumasi present? What does Solomon do in the UK? Who paid for the wedding?

        • Lol so you expect me to answer you all these questions, like seriously???? Well Our mother was 120% present and not only her but family members as well. About the venue of the traditional marriage, if you are humble and respectful, people just love you and don’t mind doing anything for you so that’s why. Talking about what Solomon does in London, I don’t need to tell you because if I even tell you, you won’t know it. He is full time employed, does legal business and school as well. Lol who paid for the wedding, like seriously? King is a hard working guy n very responsible so pls ???. Thank you.

          • Who told you traditional wedding is supposed to take place in a non-family home? What kinda unnecessary show off is that! Anyways bye!

          • And for your information, Adwoa is a family of a close friend of mine so i know what I’m talking about! Who told you her mother was there? Go get your facts right! And her father is late.

          • Wow thought you are a family or you were present at the wedding. Anyways I don’t go to seek for facts because I know the facts. It’s only people who always wish for evil to happen to others always go about seeking for information just to destroy others happiness. I don’t do gossip and I’m very responsible to just come out to defend someone from a hear say. I speak what I know n the truth. I don’t go n gossip to get information. May God have mercy on us.

          • Well Debie never came to announce that, her traditional wedding is taking place at ex president kufour’s home on any platform, so what’s the show off here? And where in the Bible or in our laws state that we should have a traditional wedding only in a family member house? From you comment I wouldn’t be surprised if you just hate the couples. Neways have a good night n stay blessed.

          • ok so am sure whiles some people are just killing their souls over two people’s choices and life they are planning a beautiful honeymoon……………… sometimes i pity our celebrities, their lives are not so different from what happens in a normal daily life just that theirs make news…..what is really the fuss about this……he didnt marry any of the 2 ladies he had kids with, so what stops him now…is it something legal or personal moral judgments, please let them be wae, cus they wont mind you people hahahahahahahaha………. life is beautiful with love…lolololol
            and that BB guy too you are one of the people that draw information from the sister of an uncle’s cousin’s fathers brother’s wife’s old school mate………….. ah… a point i tot you wer going to say you are Adwoa Saah’s mother herself…………so how do you know the person who gave you the info is not telling you the truth or as usual is a pull her down friend. metweeew. people should grow up………..we all have our personal right to legally right choices…. Solomon did not kill Attah Mills wae he just got married to his choice among the lot……….lololololololo

          • I know right…… They are enjoying their honeymoon and amazingly today is Solomon’s birthday so you can imagine. And another honeymoon has been arranged in the uk for them. It sounds funny the way I have devoted my time to defend them on this platform but I just want people to understand that we all got some ugly past in this life but that doesn’t mean we don’t have the right to move on and be happy when we repent. After all Saul did, he later became one of the few people who made the gospel of the Christ spread all over this world. Let’s not be the people who are always ready to throw the stone at others. Thanks Adwoa and stay blessed.

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