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Maame Dokono Says: 'Most Politicians Are Liars!.. There Isn't Clean Politics In Ghana'

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The most important question is; when did Maame Donkono, real name Grace Omaboe realize this? Because, a few years ago, she was running for a political office—which she could not win.
According to the failed politician, veteran Actress, TV/Radio Presenter and women advocate-Grace Omaboe, most politicians are liars and there isn’t any clean politics in Ghana.
Speaking in a revealing interview on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review, Maame Dokono said she is totally out of politics currently because it is tiring and  it is time and money wasting.
She said: “I have stopped politics I am on the low and I will not do politics openly again. It is tiring, it is waste of money, it is all full of lies and people say all sort of horrible things about you”.
When she was asked if she didn’t know this about politics before getting in, she said:
“At that time I didn’t think it was that way. I thought I was going to do politics for women and I went into politics to help develop my district because all the roads, most building were in bad conditions among other pressing issues which needed attention”.
According to Peace Fm, the “Obra” actress “said when she went deep into politics she realized it was a different ball game all together. “When I got in I saw that they don’t like it when you speak the truth. So most of the time you have to lie here and there”. Adding that not all politicians are liars but most of the time they have to lie and say things they don’t really want to say. ”
“Most of the time you have to say things you don’t want to say and people insult you and say all sort of things about you and there is corruption all over. There was no clean politics and there isn’t clean politics in Ghana”.
Would Maame Donkono be telling us all these if she had won her political bid?

This post was published on March 22, 2016 4:26 PM

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