Shatta Wale Says Maame Dokono Kicked Him Off ‘By The Fireside’ Because He Couldn’t Speak Proper Twi

Shatta Wale
Shatta Wale

Dancehall act Shatta Wale says he would have been part of the popular show ‘By The Fireside’ way back, except for the fact that he couldn’t speak any Twi.
Shatta said the show’s host Grace Omaboe, popularly known as ‘Maame Dokono’, told him he couldn’t be on the show because his twi was not so good.
Shatta Wale made the revelation with a post on Facebook praising Maame Dokono, who had in turn praised the artiste during an appearance on the Entertainment review show on Peace Fm.
On the show, she said Shatta Wale was a responsible man, unlike many others in the industry.
She said:

“I sat and wondered if any girl could marry Shatta Wale because of his behaviour. But when I watched his wife’s interview and the lovely remarks she gave him, I concluded he was a responsible man.
“Let us learn something from it especially those of us in showbiz. Most showbiz personalities are irresponsible. They never take care of ladies they have kids with neither do they cater for the children. If you get to your peak in showbiz, think of accommodation, marriage, investment and other good things instead of living as if there is no tomorrow. You will not rule forever
“Shatta has done well. He has shown he is responsible and I commend him. He should continue building a future, he should not maltreat the wife and child. He should treat them well,”

Read Shatta’s response to Maame Dokono below…


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