Judge Orders Man Not To Take His Son To Church After His Muslim Ex-Wife Sued

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A British dad is outraged after a judge ruled that he cannot take his son to any Christian gathering.
The man, an ex-Muslim who has left the faith, divorced his wife a few years ago, and she got custody of the child. But she has been indoctrinating him into Islam, and as a counterpoint the man has been taking him to Christian gatherings.
Taking the issue to court, the mother was able to win this absurd judgement that basically curtails the man and his son’s freedom of association rights.
According to MailOnline, the man is appealing the decision, which was handed down by District Judge Williscroft at Derby County Court earlier this month. He says his son is being horribly brainwashed into thinking all non-Muslims are evil, and he has to show him other religious alternatives so he can make up his own mind.
He said:

This judge is simply scared of being branded Islamophobic.
I want my son to have a balanced life in which he is exposed to different faiths and can make up his own mind about which, if any, religion he follows.
My son is being indoctrinated and the only way I can show him other things is to take him to other places.
If I don’t show him other types of life he will become just like a dumb sheep. I want him to see and learn about different cultures.
This is nothing short of brain-washing him. Already he is telling me that I have a black heart, that I am a bad man, because I am not a practising Muslim. I am heartbroken that I have to keep him away from activities with local children.
He is being fed the same lies I was as a child and I want better for him. This judge was so busy being politically correct that she has ignored the influence of myself as a loving father. I am terrified that he will stop wanting to see me because of his indoctrination.

The man and his wife were married in 2003, and were largely secular. After his wife’s dad died, she turned to the faith because her mum told her he was in hell and would remain there if she didn’t become serious about the religion.
After they divorced, she became angry when she found out her son was being taken to Christian activities, and sued to have that stopped. Somehow, the judge thought it a worthy argument.
“The order bars the father from taking the boy to any religious event. It decrees he must provide only Halal food and reassure the child he is ‘an ordinary Muslim boy following Muslim rules’”. MailOnline writes.
This is the classic way religion divides, isn’t it? There are whole groups of people who cannot even think of dating because they were born into different religions, and religions are very ethnocentric. It stalls progress in many ways.
It also exposes another sinister part of religions, which is indoctrinating kids so that they feel they have no other choice. If your religion is so true, a child being exposed to other ideas would not let him discard yours. The ruling also seems unconstitutional.

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