Archbishop Duncan-Williams Says Many Pastors Have Tried To Kill Him To Steal His Glory

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Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams

Action Chapel head Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, during his Easter message to his congregation- spoke about attempts to end his life by many other pastors in the country.
According to the Bishop, many pastors he has helped to get to an impressive status in the country turn around to try and harm him, mainly because they want to achieve the level of glory he has.
“Everybody has tried to kill me. There are men of God who are waiting for the day of my demise, so they will take my glory.” He said.
“You don’t know what I know. I know a lot. There are people who are scheming to take my members from me and give me a church empty [sic], so their churches will be bigger than me – outshine me. They me call me ‘Papa, Papa’ but their heart is not with me. They want to overtake me and outshine me and make me a failure and a disappointment and a reproach, to prove a point, but that will never happen because they did not call me, I said they did not call me, they did not anoint me, the opposite will occur, it will be overturned…” he added.
Duncan-Williams, who is known for mentoring many preachers in the country, said a lot of those people are the same ones turning against him. He said some of them got into ministry not because they were ‘called’, but because they are crippled with envy for him.
“There are people doing ministry not because God called them; it’s because they are driven by envy to compete with me, to prove to me they can be better than me.”
He said a lot of that has to do with Ghanaians not watching out for each other, but always being interested in the ‘pull him down’ syndrome- unlike other nationals like Nigerians.
“One of the problems of this country is envy; it’s one of the killers of Ghanaians. We have a problem of envy. We are not like the Nigerians. When a Ghanaian sees you doing well, instead of them to celebrate you, they’ll find ways to kill you, so they will take your glory.” He opined.

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