GHANA: A Look At the Leaders Who Paved Way for Those We Call Leaders Today…

The Ghanaian political landscape has dramatically changed—of course, not for the good.
The road to self rule was tedious, thorny and had certain key treacherous characters, but one thing was for certain—we had great, knowledgeable, altruistic and dedicated politicians leading a cause they sincerely believed in.
They believed in Ghana, a Ghana with a better agenda; far opposed to John Mahama’s conception, popularly known as the ‘Better Ghana Agenda’ he prides himself in.
We had those we could call leaders—those who trekked miles to canvass for support for the fight for Independence so that you and I could be free today, only to sell back the freedom at no cost to the Chinese and the West.
The Ghana any of these leaders foresaw is not what we are living in today. They did not just clutch on hope, they were confident it was there—self rule was the only way forward. They saw it as a right, in fact, a duty to self govern.
Today, many of us are fleeing our own Ghana to everywhere West and East, including Bosnia—in search for a better living standard.
It’s pathetic, somewhat contemptuous and a measure of our inadequacy that even when the zeitgeist of the 50s was so unfavorable, some great men stood against the political hurricane of the West to fight for our dignity—and today that things are more settled, we cannot seem to main this dignity.
Would we ever have such selfless leaders again? Perhaps, only when time travel to the past becomes a reality…
In our contemporary political discourse, minds like that of Akua Donkor are even capable of competing—a betrayal to those who fought hard so you and I could be FREE.
The electorates are the greatest disappointment; the real architects of the doom—they continue to vote for tribes, idiocy, coins, propaganda and instant gratification, when they can place real value on their thumbs and grant that value to deserving candidates capable of destabilizing the deranged status-quo of Ghana.
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri wrote the above on his Facebook


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