VIDEO: Mzbel Accepts on TV that Her Son is Indeed A Bastard + Claims McBrown’s Boyfriend-Maxwell is A Bad Kisser & MORE


A few months ago, GhanaCelebrities.Com’s Editor-Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri got into a warfare with Ghanaian musician-Mzbel when he claimed among other things in an article that Mzbel’s son-Aaron Adepa was a bastard.
Though Mzbel disagreed at the time and found the word harsh, she somewhat accepted in a recent interview with Delay that indeed her son is a bastard per the definition of the word. But that was after she was cornered by the TV presenter—-an enterprise which led to them onto Google to find the definition of the word ‘Bastard.’
In the same interview, Mzbel stated that she had slept with UT Boss-Kofi Amoabeng several times—but insisted, he is not the father of her son, collaborating what Kofi Amoabeng has already told us.
The musician also denied that the father of her son is a married man—claiming that’s the truth but GhanaCelebrities.Com is well aware that this is a goddam lie.
Then Mzbel jabbed Maxwell Mensah, the current boyfriend of Nana Ama McBrown—saying, she never dated Maxwell but she is happy Maxwell and McBrown are together because she could give Maxwell what he wanted.  Here, Mzbel seems to suggest that, Maxwell wanted to date her but she was the one not interested in him.
Not just this, she categorically stated that, Maxwell is a terrible kisser and because she is a good kisser, she only kissed him once and when she realized what an asshole of a horrible kisser he was, she never did again.
Let’s add that, Mzbel told Delay she is spending huge amount of money, paying for production and air time so she can air her unpopular reality TV show which she has no sponsors for on GHONE. Why any sane human being would delve into such fruitless business lies in the person’s desperation for fame.
It’s an interesting and to some extent a dishonest interview, but it’s  still worth a watch.
Check out the interview below.


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0 thoughts on “VIDEO: Mzbel Accepts on TV that Her Son is Indeed A Bastard + Claims McBrown’s Boyfriend-Maxwell is A Bad Kisser & MORE”

  1. This girl must be high on some weed. She is not even ashamed to be saying all these things like she and Nana Aba were all f**king the same man older to be their father because of money

  2. and I am sure you all know she is lying because she dated Maxwell on and off for 3 years whilst she was cheating on him. Maxwell helped him in so many ways. knowing that amoabeng is not the father of her child, why did she initially told the man she was pregnant for him? because she thought she could make some smart monies from him? she doesn’t even know the father of her child because she was sleeping with more than 2 men at that particular point in time.


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